Merkel greeted with shouts of 'Get out' in Dresden

October 3, 2016

Dresden (Germany) (AFP) - Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel was greeted on Monday by whistles and shouts of "Get out" after arriving in Dresden -- birthplace of xenophobic movement Pegida -- for German reunification celebrations.
The angry crowd in the east German city also waved signs saying "Merkel must go".
The German leader has been under pressure at home over her liberal refugee policy that saw an influx of nearly one million migrants last year.
Dresden is hosting national celebrations to mark 26 years since the reunification of East and West Germany, with the chancellor and President Joachim Gauck in attendance.
Supporters of Pegida, the anti-immigrant, xenophobic group that began in Dresden, also gave Gauck a hostile greeting upon his arrival for the events.
The group initially drew just a few hundred supporters to demonstrations before gaining strength, peaking with rallies of up to 25,000 people in early 2015.
Though Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) took a drubbing in recent regional polls, she insisted on the sidelines of Monday's celebrations that "mutual respect" and "acceptance of very divergent political opinions" are needed to meet the challenges facing Germany.
The right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) harnessed a wave of anger over the refugee influx to claim around 14 percent of the vote last month the Berlin state vote.
Its success has mirrored the march of anti-migrant parties in France, Austria and the Netherlands as well as Republican maverick Donald Trump in the United States.
Bomb attacks hit a mosque and an international convention centre in Dresden last week, with police suspecting xenophobic and nationalist motives.
Saxony, of which Dresden is the state capital, saw far-right hate crimes targeting shelters for asylum seekers rise to 106 in 2015, with another 50 recorded in the first half of this year.
In an annual report outlining progress since reunification, the government warned last week that growing xenophobia and right-wing extremism could threaten peace in eastern Germany.
It never ceases to amaze me.  Leaders like Merkel always speak for the immigrants.  We have to tolerate them.  We have to accept them.  We have to become their neighbors. Blah, blah, blah.
Merkel and others, seem to believe that immigrants have a right to move to wherever they want (freedom of movement).  It never seems to occur to them (Or does it?) that the natives - in this case German Aryans - might have the right to decide who their neighbors will be.  
Remember, I'm not talking about freedom of movement in Germany for Native Germans, I'm talking about foreign immigrants.  When it comes to foreign immigrants, every native should have a say in who he has to live and work with. The American Indians believe that - or at least they used to - hence their hostile attitude towards European immigrants in the 18th and 19th Centuries.  
They didn't like all the "White Eyes" coming over here and taking their land and resources, and today we don't like Third World Immigrants coming here and taking our jobs and forcing themselves onto us as neighbors.  
At least the Native Americans had the balls to fight back, and the Native Germans seem to be getting theirs back.  And more and more Americans seem to be getting theirs back as well.
As I so often say, immigration is a privilege, not a right and can (or at least should) be revoked at any time by the host nation.
This demonstration is another sign that Merkel's days as chancellor are numbered.  She could be history by November 2017.  If not, I fear it will be too late for the Fatherland.
Dan 88!


  1. who can blame them for being mad at her? geesh i hope she goes soon as well here in this country that the same thing happens with the idiots running and ruining this country

    1. Just another year or so and she will be history. The Fatherland can hold on that long - but not much longer.

      Dan 88!


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