Hitler Speeches with English subtitles Translating TRUTHFULLY What Hitler Said


Objective, clear and precise understanding of Adolf Hitler's speeches has been kept away from the world since the end of WWII. It is, especially from Jewish circles, feared that the incredibly pursuasive rhetorical skill of Adolf Hitler will inflame support for his message. It is generally accepted that the media, also owned by Jewish circles, has actively kept the viewing public from access to accurate translations of Adolf Hitler's speeches.

This is what REAL National Socialism is all about.  There is nothing monstrous here.  We are not monsters.  We are patriots.  We love our Folk and hate no one save those who try and destroy us.  But we certainly hate no one soley because of their race, colour, or creed.

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Dan 88!


  1. tho the things he speaks of is inside each and every white person, sadly alot of it has been suppressed due to Jewish teachings, if the libtards like it or not, the man spoke alot of truth

    1. True, but they would like us to think he was wrong about everything. No one is wrong or right about everything.

      Dan 88!


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