British aristocrat was so close to Adolf Hitler Eva Braun viewed her as a love rival

PUBLISHED: 18:39 EST, 9 October 2016 | UPDATED: 21:56 EST, 9 October 2016

The first German book about British aristocrat and Hitler groupie Unity Mitford reveals that the Führer was so obsessed with her that he met her 140 times while in the middle of preparing for World War Two.

Hitler was as spellbound by Unity - one of the famous ‘It’ girls of the 1930s - as she was by him.

The first German biography to deal with this mutual attraction is published this week entitled: ‘I was leafing through Vogue when the Führer spoke to me.'

Hitler, Unity Mitford and SA Obergruppenfuhrer Franz von Pfeffer, pictures in Bayreuth, 1936

Bestselling political science author Michaela Karl tells how the bond was forged at Hitler’s favourite Munich restaurant, the Osteria Bavaria, on February 9 1935.

Unity wrote to her sister Diana: 'At 3.00pm I was done with eating when the Führer came in wearing his sweet trench coat and sat down with two other men at his table.

'I was leafing through vogue when ten minutes after his arrival the innkeeper came over and said that the leader "wants to talk to you."'

Bestselling political science author Michaela Karl tells how the bond was forged at Hitler¿s favourite Munich restaurant

Author Karl said; 'Between 1935 and 1939 Hitler and unity met every ten days - for a busy dictator, who at the same time was preparing for a world war, it was a total of 140 times, therefore surprisingly often.'

Soon he took her to the Wagner Festival to Bayreuth, to the Nuremberg rally and other grand events of Nazism. 

'Unity quickly belonged to the inner circle,' added Karl. 'In England she is still well known but in Germany just a footnote in history.'

Hitler’s architect, Albert Speer, later described Unity: 'She was a very intelligent woman and had her own head, not a type like Eva Braun, who was interested in nothing.'

But Hitler’s secret girlfriend, who would marry him as Berlin collapsed in 1945 to become his bride of one day before killing herself with him, viewed Unity as a rival.

On May 10, 1934, the 23 year old Eva wrote in her diary that the wife of Hitler’s personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann had told her about Unity. Eva penned: 'Mrs. Hoffmann, tactlessly and lovingly, told me he has a replacement for me now.

Unity Mitford an English aristocratic beauty passionately devoted to Hitler

'Finally he could know me so well, that I could put him never something in the way of him, when he discovered he wanted his heart for another.'

A failed suicide bid by Eva in 1935 was interpreted by many as an act of jealousy against Unity.

When Hitler was planning to swallow up Austria in 1938, Unity wrote to her cousin Winston Churchill: 'Dear cousin Winston. The idea that Germany is attempting to devour the poor, little Austria, struggling for its independence, is highly ridiculous for all Austrians.'

In May 1939, Hitler organised for her a three bedroomed apartment in the Schwabing district of Munich. Jews who lived in the apartment block went abroad a short time afterwards and Unity put two huge swastika flags up in the bedroom.

Joseph Kennedy Jr., the son of the US Ambassador in London and elder brother of John F. Kennedy, wrote after meeting her there 'Mitford is convinced that the conflict with England and the United States is, above all, the fault of Jewish propaganda and the only way to solve it was to throw out the Jews.'

When France and England declared war on Germany in September 1939 her world collapsed. What exactly happened after that remains murky: probably on the same day of the declaration Unity shot herself in the head in the English Garden in Munich.

Hitler arranged for her to be placed in the best hospital in Munich for treatment and visited her there on November 8 - the night that carpenter George Elser tried to kill him with a bomb at the Bürgerbräukeller where he was speaking.

He had left early to visit her and escaped death by 13 minutes. Eight people died in the blast.

Unity was repatriated to Britain where she died from her wounds in May 1948.


Funny how we rarely get to hear things like this.  A very interesting woman and obviously highly intelligent.

This is yet another thing that dispells the myth that Hitler hated all non-Germans.

BTW, two more months until Christmas!

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