Sir Oswald Mosley' Eternal Words Inflame Nationalism throughout the West

Watch for the Beatle Wig.  It is not making fun of Sir Oswald, but used to point him out incrowd scenes rather than using an arrow or circling him.  Remember, the Black Shirts were British and so were the Beatles.


Sir Oswald's words are easily translated to the United States.  Everytime he says England, Great Britain, or Europe, just substitute the United States or America.  When they mention Muslims, just substitute Mestizos and it works perfectly.

One thing that one of our enemies pointed out in this video is that we are not very good at producing children.  It's true.  The White population is declining in part because of low White birthrates.  If we are to keep up with the enemy we must spend our money raising children, rather spend it buying fancy cars and expensive vacations and all the costly trinkets that our Folk covet so much.

Consider this:  Could the push towards increased materialism mean not just profit for the One Percent, but a way to help eliminate the White race?  Once the birthrate drops below a certain point it can never be recovered and that race will be doomed.  We have about until 2050 before we reach that point.  The end is closer than we'd like to think.

Dan 88!