September Is Here

Well September has finally arrived.  The 20th is the official beginning of Fall.  If you think about it winter weather could only be a few weeks away.  But even so, in a couple of weeks the nasty humid weather in the Midwest and East should be over with but the cold will not have started yet so you can't use the weather as an excuse not to get out there and leave some literature someplace.  Next time you go to the supermarket slip a few business cards onto the shelves.  If you get caught the most they can do is tell you not to do it again.  They can't arrest you or anything so don't worry about that.

Official Supporters may have noticed that your copy of The White Worker is late.  There could be two reasons for that.  One is that the editorial staff had some problems.  The other is that occasionally we get so much material (doesn't happen that often) that rather than send out two regular issues in say August and September, we hold back a bit on August and send out one really big issue early in September in one Aug. - Sept. issue.  Which one it is I don't know as I have not asked.  Some of you may wait until you get your copy before you send in your monthly pledge because you need the slip we send you to fill out every month.  I can understand that.  If you don't get your copy in no more than a week, I'd send it in without the slip.  You can kind of make your own.  Just write your name and address on a small piece of paper along with your pledge amount and that should cover you.  If you want to order anything put that on too.  You'll get your stuff, don't worry.

I also have a couple of announcements.  

First, we are having an ANP Talkshoe Radio program this Saturday, Sept. 10 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time, 8:00 PM Eastern.  Call in if you like, use the chatroom, or just listen.  You can access the Talkshoe page via the Talkshoe gadget on this blog in the sidebar.  Hope to talk to you then.

Finally, I wanted to announce that after being up for six years, four months, and two weeks, Sense And Sensibility has passed the quarter million visitor mark!  As of this writing we have had 262, 338 visitors.  Thanks everyone for making this a success - especially those who have helped me by sending in interesting articles for me to post.  I don't always acknowledge my appreciation, so here it is now.

Dan 88!


  1. thank you for keeping this site up and running and doing a great job for National Socialism!

    1. You're welcome, and thank you to the 617 visitors I had here yesterday! That was not a record. I've had more. I think my record for one day is 695.

      Dan 88!


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