Obamacare May Collapse Nationwide

By Sandy Fitzgerald   |   Saturday, 27 Aug 2016 06:57 PM

Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander said Saturday that Obamacare exchanges in his home state are nearly ready to collapse, and he fears that other states will soon follow suit.

"This November, when Tennesseans are signing up for 2017 Obamacare plans, there will be fewer to choose from – and they’ll be much more expensive," Alexander said in Saturday's GOP weekly address. "That picture will be the same for many Americans across the country.”

"'Very near collapse'" was our state insurance commissioner’s description of the Obamacare exchange in Tennessee, which more than 2,000 Tennesseans used last year to buy health plans,” Alexander said.

That means next year, Tennesseans will pay an "intolerable increase" of between 44 and 62 percent for their Obamacare plans than they paid last year, said Alexander, and if policyholders can't pay for it, the taxpayers will, as a large part of Obamacare premiums end up being funded with tax dollars.

The struggles will leave Americans with a choice as they enter the voting booths in November, said Alexander, warning that Democrats will tighten Washington's hold on private insurance choices.


Gee this is a real surprise.  Anyone with half a brain could have told you that Obamacare was a train wreck from Day One.  Only an empty headed idealist wouldn't have seen this coming.

Now I'm all in favour of universal healthcare, but getting in bed with private, for profit insurance companies is NOT the way to go.  How can a private company who is out to make a profit possibly give you better, cheaper care than a not for profit organization?  They can't.

How about we scrap Obamacare, and revamp Medicaid/Medicare?  We turn it into a sort of public insurance company - a NOT FOR PROFIT company.  The premiums would be on a sliding fee basis.  Low income people get it free.  Middle Class pay a little.  The wealthy pay a lot.  Those who can afford to can of course buy private, supplemental insurance so they can get first class treatment like a private hospital room, elective surgery, and the like, but the basic coverage - which will be on a sliding fee - will give everyone their basic needs.  

If it's done right, that would make Medicare/Medicaid self supporting, but non-profit.  But I just said a dirty word:  NON-PROFIT.  If there's no money to be made the Judeo-Capitalists won't stand for it.  That's why we must not stand for them.  

The system I described is a variation of what NS Germany had.  With a few modifications, we can make it work for the 21st Century.  But first we have to bring back National Socialism or such a plan will never see the light of day.

Dan 88!