L.A. Mexican Consulate Next to the Welfare Department & Free Phones!


Convenient, huh?  The Mexican Consulate is right next door to the welfare office.  That way, Mexican immigrants can arrange to get free money in one place, and arrange to have that money sent to mexico in the other.  Very convenient indeed.  Leave it to Los Angeles to make it as easy as possible for Mestizo immigrants.

As to the phones, in California, anyone who is receiving any government benefit whatsoever - even immigrants - are entitled to a free phone.  Not just a cell phone, but a free smart phone with free service and three gigs of data a month.  Any more will cost them a little money.  I have no idea how much, but it's probably less than T Mobile or Verizon.

Is it any wonder why they all want to come to America?  If  we want to deal with mass immigration, the first thing to do - even before sealing the borders - is take away all the magnets that attract them.  

Without all the freebies, many immigrants would stay home.

Dan 88!


  1. i used to volunteer at a church in their food pantry, this is what always amazed me about them, they would drive up in their brand new SUV 's, have a Iphone , neither are cheap, and take food, that was meant for poor people and to add they sure didn't look like they was going without food or anything if you ask me, ! So yes, take away the incentives so as not to keep inspiring them to keep coming here and taking away from white Americans!

    1. In California, you really do need a car. But NO ONE is entitled to a new SUV. If someone can afford one of those they shouldn't need financial assistance.

      But getting free food at food banks is a way they can afford such things. If you have four kids (average for Mexicans) and you get free food every week, that savings can easily pay for a new expensive car.

      You are quite correct. It isn't right that people do that. That free food is for those who would starve without it, not so you can afford new cars and other expensive doo-dads.

      Dan 88!


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