Hungarian Government Leaflet Brands Certain European and American Cities As "No Go" Zones

MARK CHANDLER Thursday 22 September 2016

The pamphlet - issued to millions of households as part of a referendum on EU migrant quotas - claims there are several hundred no-go zones in European cities where the authorities are unable to maintain control and the host nation's social norms do not apply.
The supposed zones are not listed, but a map marks London out with a "no-go" sign, surrounded by five others which appear to relate to locations including Southampton and Peterborough. 
Elsewhere in Europe, Paris, Berlin, Marseille, Stockholm and Copenhagen are also marked out as cities with no-go areas.
In the United States no-go zones are named in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Miami, and others.
"There are no-go zones in Europe and America and we don't want no-go zones in Hungary."
Mr Szijjarto said he personally "likes" London, but insisted that its designation as a no-go zone was made after consultation with the Hungarian embassy in the capital as well as "very careful" analysis of official reports.
Following its publication, the British Embassy in Budapest complained to the Hungarian foreign ministry about its contents.
Hungarian PM Viktor Orban is fighting for a No vote in the October 2 referendum on Brussels' plans to relocate migrants from frontline arrival states like Italy and Greece to other countries around the EU's Schengen zone.
The quota system would require Hungary to take in around 1,500 migrants.
But the leaflet accuses Brussels of trying to "prescribe the obligatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary" without the approval of its Parliament, and warns of the danger that terrorists might "slip in with the crowds of immigrants".
The row comes after a Chinese airline was forced to withdraw an in-flight magazine warning tourists to take precautions when visiting areas of London with ethnic minority populations.
A Foreign Office spokesman said: "This leaflet is clearly inaccurate. There are no areas in the UK in which the laws of the UK cannot be enforced."
A spokesman for the Hungarian Embassy in London said: "The October 2 referendum is about the mandatory distribution mechanism and the leaflet serves as an information tool for Hungarian citizens.
"It does not single out London or the United Kingdom."
Well, can you blame the Hungarian government?  They're just trying to look out for their own people first as any proper government does. 
Although they officially deny it, Hungary is acting more and more like National Socialists all the time.  NS is making a come back in Europe and not just in Hungary.
Germany could return to National Socialism in November, 2017 if Merkel loses and the NDP (German Nationalist Party) and the AfD Party (Alternatives for Germany) win the chancellery and Bundestag.  
NS is growing in Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Scandinavia.
Fascism is growing in Italy.
The Aryan people have been pushed too far.  We tried to be "nice", but all it got us was taken advantage of by Third Worlders trying to leech off of our generosity.  Now we are pushing back.
It's even happening here in America to a lesser extent, though.  The growing support for Donald Trump shows people have had enough and they want their country back.
Dan 88!


  1. "This leaflet is clearly inaccurate. There are no areas in the UK in which the laws of the UK cannot be enforced." yeah and i wonder that soldier who had his head cut off by the two Muslims , i wonder if he thought, "he they re going to enforce the law right?"

    1. I've posted videos about areas of London where Muslim immigrants literally drive the police out forcibly.

      No areas my ass.

      Dan 88!


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