Complaint filed against Philly cop for apparently Nazi-inspired tattoos

September 1, 2016

An activist who snapped photos of a Philadelphia police officer with apparently Nazi-inspired tattoos on his arms has filed a complaint against him, saying the tattoos violate the department’s code of conduct and questioning his continued employment.

Evan Parish Matthews, who took the photos of Officer Ian Hans Lichtermann at the Black Resistance March on July 26 during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, posted the images on Facebook Wednesday night, along with the text of a complaint he said was filed against the officer.
“The idea of being stopped, questioned, arrested, or of even passing this officer on the street, Nazi insignias inscribed on his body with needle and gun, tattoo in plain sight, in a dominant placement on his body, is, in its most literal and modern sense, terrifying,” the complaint reads. “If Philadelphia police officer Lichtermann was to put you in a chokehold, you would be staring directly at a PPD uniform and the insignia of Adolph (sic) Hitler's Nazi party.”
I don't know about you, but I didn't see any Swastikas or SS insignia.  Like the Iron Cross, Germany used eagles in their symbols since the Middle Ages.
Officer Lichtermann is obviously of German heritage.  He's just embracing his German heritage like Blacks do their African heritage or Mexicans do their Aztec heritage.  Even today, in Germany, Germans still refer to Germany as "The Fatherland".  It was called that long before Hitler was even born.
However, if he does have any Swastika or SS insignia tattoos, then he is asking for trouble and he'll get it.  It is his right to wear such things, but as a public servant he has to be a little more careful about such things.

Anyone who is or has been in the military will tell you such things are against regulations and you can be disciplined for it.  It is your right to fight such restrictions but you have to be prepared for trouble while you are fighting.
It is my opinion that anyone who is NS (and it has not been established that Lichtermann is NS) should maintain a low profile and not advertise themselves so publicly.  You risk your personal safety by doing so.

We are revolutionaries operating behind enemy lines.  If a spy walks around publicly identifying himself as a spy, he won't last very long.
Dan 88!