Authoritative study confirms immigration is a redistributive policy for workers and taxpayers

Friday, September 23, 2016

The National Academies of Science unveiled a lengthy and authoritative study on the impact of large-scale immigration on American workers and the economy. Dr. Steve Camarota from the Center for Immigration Studies summed up the report best in a column he wrote for the National Review:
"[T]he best way to think about immigration is that it is primarily a redistributive policy, transferring income from some workers to owners of capital and from taxpayers to low-income immigrant families."
Here are the report's most significant findings:
  • Immigrants, both legal and illegal, reduce annual wages by 5.2% for some native-born workers. Since two-thirds of immigrants have no more than a high school degree, vulnerable native-born workers suffer the most because they're most likely to compete with immigrants for jobs.

  • Immigrants cause a fiscal drain because they pay less in taxes than they receive in government services, costing U.S. taxpayers as much as $299 billion per year most of which is passed to the states. For example, immigrants cost the state of California nearly $19 billion per year.

  • There is a small net benefit to the economy of $54.2 billion, but the benefit is realized by a $493.9 billion wage transfer from low-skilled workers to business. The wage transfer results in a 0.31% increase for all native-born workers.

The negative fiscal consequences of mass immigration on federal and state deficits and the wages of low-skilled American workers is a direct result of the current immigration system favoring extended family members and lottery winners over skilled workers.
About 63% of the green cards issued in 2014 were issued through the family-preference categories, according to DHS statistics. Combine that with another 55,000 who came through the Visa Lottery, and 7 out of every 10 green cards were, and continue to be, given to foreign citizens with no regard for their qualifications or educational attainment.
The NAS study found that skilled immigrants can have a more positive impact on the economy, which is why NumbersUSA favors limiting immigration to mostly spouses and minor children and extraordinary-skilled foreign workers.
You can read more about the report's findings here. Our Director of Research, Eric Ruark, has also posted a blog on the media's slanted news coverage here. We've also posted new faxes on your Action Board so you can tell your Members of Congress about the findings.

I don't totally agree with NumbersUSA.  I don't want to limit immigration, I want to put a stop to it.  I'd like to see a moratorium on immigration for at least ten years.  Because of mass immigration, things have gotten way out of balance.  We need at least ten years for the balance to be restored.
BTW, interesting bit of news about the National Academy of Science.  One of their members was told NOT to submit a report regarding the differences in the various races,
He was told, "The question of racial differences has been settled.  It has been decided there is no appreciable difference between the races and the matter is closed, therefore no more research will be accepted on the subject at this institution."
This and other such institutions simply CANNOT admit that any race is superior to the other.  Think about it.  IF - and I say IF science proved that the White race was superior to all others can you imagine the hell that would break loose?  The races of color would scream bloody murder, and there would be a sharp increase in open racism.  It could lead to chaos so it is imperative that if any race is superior to any other, that that information not be released to the general public.
Dan 88!


  1. even tho history alone shows superiority of the Aryan race, most stick their heads in the ground and ignore it sadly

    1. Absolutely! Can you imagine the hell that would break loose if they didn't?

      Dan 88!


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