Auschwitz - A Surprising Truth

This video is narrated in ENGLISH with French subtitles.


This is one of the best videos I have ever seen using undeniable facts, figures, charts, and graphs to prove that although some people may have been killed at Auschwitz, it could not possibly be the number that is claimed - not by a long shot.

I'm sure some awful things happened there, but nowhere near what is claimed.  As Schindler said in Schindler's List, "War brings out the bad in people.  Never the good, always the bad."

Schindler's List was what I call "factional-fiction".  That is fiction with a few facts to make it believable, but the above quote is all too true - unfortunately.

If you don't have the time to watch it now, come back later when you do.  It's well worth 50 minutes of your time.  Also, see if you can get anyone you know who believes in the Holohoax malarkey and have them watch it and then see what they think afterwards.  

Dan 88!