Jewish Supremacy


How many times have we heard from liberals and Jews that Jews are a religion, not a race?  Well this rabbi flat out admits Jews are a race.  

The way I see it is although he would like to see all non-Jewish races destroyed through race mixing, at least he is being open and honest about it.  I hate being lied to.  It insults my intelligence and I hate anyone to insult my intelligence.

We all know Jews are pathological liars.  It's refreshing to find one who speaks the truth - even if he is our enemy.  Anyone who wants to destroy us through race mixing or any other method is definitely an enemy.

Dan 88!


  1. Many moons ago, I attended UMASS, aka JewMass. I made the naive mistake of dating a Jew, thinking we had something special, an actual relationship. True colors, to the tune of this video's message, hit me like a freight train when he disclosed he was never serious, because I was/am Anglo-Lutheran- NON JEW. Over and over, I saw non-Jewish girls make this terrible mistake, to be used by these boys. YES. Absolutely. They believe in their superiority and consciously, intentionally and yes, hurtfully, take advantage of non-Jews. No wonder, even 30 years later, my visceral response to the very utterance of the word "Jew" is one of repugnance.

    1. Anyone can make the mistake of dating a Jew. In college, I had a crush on a Jewish girl, but I stuck to my principles of not race mixing and the old "look, but don't touch" thing. Probably wouldn't have worked out anyway. A Nazi and a Jew? LMWAO!

      Dan 88!


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