Hillary drafts illegal aliens to get immigrants to vote


Hillary Clinton's campaign on Sunday announced a program to recruit undocumented "Dreamers" into a voter registration army even though they are not allowed to vote.
Celebrating the four-year anniversary of President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Clinton launched "Mi Sueno, Tu Voto" (My Dream, Your Vote), to rally and "secure commitments" from immigrants who can vote.
The DACA program created so-called "Dreamers," the children of illegal immigrants who the president has offered renewable two-year work visas and deportation deferral. The goal for many in the program is amnesty.

On Monday, the Democratic National Committee also heralded the DACA anniversary and said that Clinton will go further than Obama as president. "Hillary Clinton is committed to introducing immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship within her first 100 days in office and she will continue defending DACA and DAPA from partisan attacks," said the DNC.
"We may not have the right to vote, but 'Mi Sueno, Tu Voto' will help ensure that our stories are heard and it will send a clear signal to Donald Trump that we cannot be silenced," said Astrid Silva, Nevada Dreamer and immigrant rights activist.
The fact that the name of this "program" is officially in Spanish with an English translation rather than in English with a Spanish translation is a spit in the face to every single native born American.
This proves just how things will be under Hillary Clinton.  Eventually all public notices will read like this:

Mi Sueno, Tu Voto
My Dream, Your Vote

I tell people that even if you don't think race matters, language certainly does.  Unless we do something, we're all going to have to learn Spanish.  Then our children and grandchildren will have to learn Spanish.  And when they do, I wonder if they'll learn English or will it be a dead language in this country by then.  

Don't laugh and call me paranoid.  It is not an impossibility.  50 years ago they would have laughed at the idea of a Black president, a woman president, and same sex marriage, but they have all come or may come true this year.

I do not endorse Donald Trump, nor do I trust him.  However, as long as he is president our language will remain English.  As to who will come after him - we'll just have to wait and see who that might be.
There is a possibility this program will fail.  I know several legal Mestizo immigrants who do not support illegals in any way.  They figure they waited their turn, let the illegals go back and wait theirs.

Dan 88!