White On Black Murder Is News, Black On White Murder Is Not According To News Media

The Clash Daily
by Wes Walker

“If it bleeds, it leads.”

Before we switched to the 24 hour news cycle, the formula really was that simple.  The most tragic, gruesome news was always the Big Story. Earthquake, plane crash, that annoying boy band does a reunion tour. You know, the real tragic stuff.
There was more airtime to fill. Instead of just the reporting the news they gave more attention to how their wall-to-wall coverage could let them shape public opinion about it.
When selecting news stories they report, notice their story-telling angle. Seriously, it’s not about events, so much as story telling. There are heroes, villains and victims at every turn. And — shocker — the villains tend to always be people their beloved Democrats oppose or vilify.
This has nothing to do with the fact that they all practically swooned with each Democratic electoral victory, or any tingles up Chris Matthews’ leg, or even the fact that a former Clinton “White House Communications Director” went on to be chief anchor at ABC news. Impartial coverage. Of course not.
So how does one tell the news when you are trying desperately not to tarnish the record of the party you used to work for? Tell a story that upholds the White House narrative. Splinter America into small groups, to play one against the other. Portray “target demographics” as victims which can then be easily exploited by the next nominee.
Barack Obama and George Zimmerman, for example each have one white parent.  But news (or Obama himself, for that matter) never emphasizes Obama’s maternal heritage. It doesn’t propel the narrative forward. Zimmerman was different. Because they had already cast him in the role of villain, he was described “white hispanic” on CNN.
They will ignore real stories with actual victims and instead give wall-to-wall reporting on a hunger strike by a pampered millionaire activist. If you are looking for real black victims you might read the obits on any long weekend in Chicago. I’d say “news”, but it apparently their deaths aren’t newsworthy enough to #matter.
It isn’t hard to prove their hypocrisy. Would it be newsworthy if a 19 year old black girl in Mississippi was minding her own business at a gas station surrounded by rednecks, and burned to death? Because, a year ago in Mississippi, 19 year old Jessica was dragged away and killed.
Her name was Jessica Chambers. Surely you know her story, saw a hashtag campaign in her memory. #JusticeForJessica or something like that?  [More on this tomorrow. - Dan]
No. And could that be because Jessica was accosted by a gang of 17 black thugs? And — one other detail –she happened to be white? Justice is supposed to be blind, and not biased. And so is our cowardly, politically-inbred media.  
When you report a single broken window in Texas as a “hate crime”, but can’t be bothered to raise the issue of a 19 year old girl burned alive by 17 men? There’s a name for that… journalistic malpractice.
Couldn’t you even see fit to file the story under #WarOnWomen? You are pathetic: the whole lot of you. And you are exactly why the public and the New Media will not shed a single tear at your collective extinction.
When a White murders a Black, the media can whip it up into a racial issue whether it was racially motivated or not.  It's good for the ratings.  However if they try and turn a Black on White murder into a racial issue they themselves can be accused of racism, so naturally they downplay that kind of murder.
After all, you can't blame them for not wanting to deliberately open a basket of snakes.  In addition, they are for profit business ventures.  High ratings means more advertisers and that means more profits.  Like any other business, even though they do have their own agenda, when push comes to shove their first priority - like any Judeo-Capitalist venture is PROFIT first, truth second (if at all).

I'm not defending them mind you, but I do understand they are in this for the money, not the truth.

Dan 88!