Slavery Is Thriving

Like chocolate?  Next time you indulge yourself, perhaps you should think about where it came from and how.

Chocolate sure does taste good. But a 16x9 investigation in Ghana uncovers a nasty truth - many cocoa beans in that country are harvested by children. Many of those kids aren't given a choice; some are even slaves. All workers, no matter the age, live in poverty. Still taste good?

Even Commander Rockwell wouldn't have approved of this.  He always said, "America and Europe for Whites, Africa for Blacks."

No one should be a slave - especially in their native lands.

This is another injustice by Judeo-Capitalists.  It's because of their greed that the poor must suffer.  How long are we, as so-called civilized people going to tolerate this?

If the Judeo-Capitalists would refuse to buy from unscrupulous growers, then perhaps things would change.  But as long as the slave trade is profitable, it will continue, and it will always be profitable as long as there are Judeo-Capitalists.

Dan 88!