Senator Lara's Office Staff Loves #BlackLivesMatter, Says "Get Rid of All the #Gringos!"

By Arthur Schaper

A constituent of Los Angeles County just contacted me.  Like many citizens, he is a naturalized immigrant.  He worked hard, played by the rules.
Yet the illegals who cross the border against the rule of law, who ignore the respect for state and federal statutes, are getting all these benefits.
He is tired of Sacramento politicians turning California into a sanctuary state for illegal aliens.
Who is the prime instigator for this lawlessness?  Who  is eroding citizenship into a meaningless vapor?
The corrupt political machine robot hack State Senator Ricardo Lara.  This man is pure poison.  He has no respect for anything but his own corrosive communistic agenda.  Lara has to go.
So, my friend decided to give Senator Lara a hard time.  He played a prank on the corrupt amnestarian.

This corrupt machine politico hack would be hilarious, if his political agenda was not so dangerous or destructive.
My friend called the Sacramento office for the state senator.
One of the staffers answered.  My friend then spoke: "I am from the Huffington Post."
The staffer was listening. 
Then my friend asked if Lara would be donating to Black Lives Matter.
The staffer replied enthusiastically "Yes!"

Then my friend asked if Lara supported Donald Trump for President.
The staffer replied sharply: "No way!"
To cover the propriety of the office, so that Ricardo Lara would not get in trouble, they answered that the office could not comment on who Lara was supporting.
Then came the most offensive comment afterwards:   "We need get rid of all the gringos!"
Senator Lara has been engaging in destructive race-baiting for his entire career.  He puts the needs of illegal aliens ahead of citizens. He has been routinely eroding the rule of law to pander to La Raza.  He does whatever his corrupt machine backers tell him to,
Lara has shut citizens out of public meetings. Check out this video.
He wastes taxpayers on perverse frivolities in his Sacramento office.
He was supposed to meet with constituents in his Long Beach office on June 29th. His staff never showed up!
And now we know what he is really thinking.


Call Senator Lara's office, and remind his staff that we pay their salaries.
That he works for the citizens of California, not the other way around!  And stop hating on people who do not look like him!


If you really look at things with eyes open, you can see that it is THEY who are the racists. Calling Aryans Gringos is the same as us calling them Spics.  THEY are the ones who turn everything into a racial issue.  We are merely reacting appropriately to the situation THEY created.

It is true that once upon a time it was US who turned everything into a racial matter.  But things have turned around, yet we are still taking the blame.

That's why I say that at least publicly (what you say in private is your business) we must avoid using racial slurs at all costs.  If we control our tempers and act appropriately at all times, people will eventually see that we are doing nothing wrong.  It's the non-Whites that have become the racial persecutors.

Just saying it won't do any good.  As they say:  Talk is cheap.  People are judged by their actions, not their words.  We National Socialists walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Hail Victory!

Dan 88!