Next Up - Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton was addressing a group of American Indians in New York telling them all she did as senator and all she plans to do for them as President.

At the end of the meeting the chief gave her a plaque with her honorary Indian name, Walking Eagle. After she left someone asked the chief if there is any meaning to that name.

He said, "A walking Eagle is a bird that is so full of crap, it cannot fly."


One day Hillary Clinton was out walking her new puppy when she passed by a certain bar.  Feeling thirsty, she thought she'd stop for a cocktail.  However, when she tried to enter the doorman stopped her.

"I'm sorry, but there are no dogs allowed in here," he said firmly.

"Uh-oh Patches," Hillary said to the dog.  "I guess you'll have to wait outside."

Looking extremely serious the doorman said, "I wasn't talking about the puppy!"


Dan 88!