More Than Half Over Already

Well, here it is well past the half way point of July.  If you haven't sent in your monthly pledge yet, don't be surprised if you don't get your copy of The White Worker.  You also need to send back that little slip that comes with each issue as well.  When your copy comes, you hang on to that little form and send it in later with your next pledge or it's no dice.  We'd also appreciate your monthly activity report properly filled out with all your ANP activities for the previous month - if you bothered to do anything at all.

I also found out that our Twitter page has over 10,000 followers!  Amazing!  Check it out at:

I was wondering something.  Last Saturday we had another ANP Talkshoe radio show (we still need to think of an actual name for the show).  It was a good show of course.  We have had better, but this was good too.  The problem are the callers - or lack thereof.  We had literally hundreds of people listening, and God knows how many others will listen to the recording when it's posted (probably was posted last Sunday), and the chat room was a buzz with activity.  Okay, so people listen, they use the chat room, but they seem hesitant to call in.  Maybe most are not aware that you can call in and ask a question, or just give your two cents worth.  You don't have to stay on the entire hour.  Wherever you are in the country (except Alaska or Hawaii) and if you have a cell phone it shouldn't cost you anything.  Most phone plans today are unlimited talk and text within the Lower 48 States, so what's the problem?  If you'd like to add your opinion to whatever we happening to be discussing at the time, don't hesitate to call in.  The number is on the same web page you go to to listen to the show or use the chat room.  Even if you disagree with us you can still call in.  All we ask is you voice your opinion without obscenities and insults.  If you disagree, that's fine.  If you get nasty or abusive you will be muted.

That's about all for this report.  Hail Victory!

Dan 88! 


  1. Sounds like FALSE ADVERTISMENT to me:

    You can subscribe to our exciting and informative monthly ANP Newsletter "The White Worker" - cost is a $20 donation for a one year subscription from our National Office. To subscribe simply send your donation (cash or money order only) to:

    The White Worker • P.O. Box 85942 • Westland, MI 48185


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