July Is Here

Summer is here - and with a vengeance.   Well at least here in California.  For the last week we have been enduring 105 degree temperatures, and the week before it soared to 114 on two consecutive days.  Talk about a sweat box!

Of course San Bernardino is part of the Lower Mojave Desert.  People around here just accept the heat because that's they way it is and we can't do a thing about it anymore than people in places like Michigan or New York can do anything about the cold in winter.

Even if you live in the Southwest you can still get that literature out in the evenings. Temperatures do drop into the seventies.  Unlike more humid areas, drier areas can easily go from a high of 115 to a low of 75 - or even lower.  So let's take advantage of the nice evening temperatures and get out there and spread the good word of National Socialism.

Also, let's get those pledges in the mail as soon as we can.  We have little in the way of discretionary funds.  In other words, most of the time the ANP lives from paycheck-to-paycheck.  

Finally, it seems that the Jews Media in Austria pulled another "Dewey Defeats Truman" boner.  For you youngsters who don't know what that means, back when Harry Truman (who came after FDR) ran for president, it was a very close race.  Before all the votes were counted, they printed an issue with a huge banner headline that read "Dewey Defeats Truman".  But when the last of the votes were counted, it was Truman that defeated Dewey. 

Same thing in Austria.  They announced that National Socialist candidate Norbert was the winner by less than one percent, but they hadn't counted the mail-in ballots yet.  After that was done, Norbert lost by less than one percent.  However, there seems to be something fishy going on.  There is the possibility that ballots mailed in after the deadline had been counted instead of discarded as the law requires.  The Austrian Supreme Court agreed that something is wrong and invalidated the entire election.  Another will be held this November, so the Austrian National Socialists have a second chance to win this one in November.   

They literally lost by less than one percent and if there was something illegal going on, they will win this time.  An investigation into voting irregularities is underway as ordered by the Austrian Supreme Court.

Dan 88!