In the US, Minority Babies Are in the Minority No Longer

Yahoo News
June 23, 2016

Minority babies have officially become the majority among their cohort.
According to newly released United States Census Bureau population estimates for July 1, 2015, 50.2%, or just a shade over half, of the nation's babies under 1 year of age were racial or ethnic minorities.
The Pew Research Center examined those numbers further: For July 1, 2015, there were 1,995,102 minority babies, versus 1,982,936 non-Hispanic white infants. As Pew noted, the trend is apparently well-established: The shift from non-Hispanic white babies being the majority to the minority happened in 2013, and has held strong since, according to the Census data.
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Immigration and birth trends have long predicted that demographics of American adults will eventually shift from being mostly non-Hispanic whites to having no dominant racial or ethnic majority, Pew noted, but it seems currently only the nation's infant population has made the switch.
The Census Bureau information also suggests that as time passes and those majority-minority babies grow up, the current trend will ripple up through age groups within the U.S., according to Pew.
So, when will the U.S. see non-Hispanic whites become the minority throughout the general population? According to a Pew Research Center data analysis and projection released in September, by 2055 they will compose less than half of the overall population.
The shifting demographics are caused by many factors, one of which is the fact that racial and ethnic minorities are responsible for much of the nation's growth in the 21st century, according to Pew. While the non-Hispanic white population has also increased, certain minority groups, including Hispanics, have had higher rates of birth.
Oh we're just a bunch of paranoid racists, so the liberals say.  Racists yes.  Paranoid NO!  As the old saying goes, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.  And just because we're racialists doesn't mean we're wrong about non-Whites taking over.
Taking over?  Hell, they already have taken over.  In the 2010 census, Whites were only a few percent above Mestizos.  Six years later, their juvenile population outnumbers ours, and there's no doubt their adult population has increased.  It's a fact.  That means most likely over all, they are now the majority and we are a minority.  Of course we will get NONE of the perks that minorities get.  
We won't be allowed an advocacy organization like La Raza or the NAACP.  They have said in the past that we don't need such a group because we are the majority.  Not any more.  Yet they still say we don't need one.  Perhaps the well-to-do Whites don't, but the middle and working classes do.  And I only care about the middle and working classes.  
The only real White advocacy group in existence that is not a pathetic joke or a Jew controlled front is the ANP.  Except for a few years in the late 80's and early 90's, we have been working for the benefit of the Aryan Race since 1959.
If you're not an official supporter yet, we need you to become one.  Our ranks have swelled in recent years, but the more the better.  
We also need people who have not been outed to run for political office.  We have had a few run, but not enough.  Remember we'll help you get started and run a campaign (which can be done literally for a few bucks).  Plus most of these low level offices pay a salary.  In many cases it's a modest salary, but more often than not, these positions only require a few hours a month so it won't interfere with your regular job.
Here's an idea.   If you're married and your spouse doesn't work but you do, he or she could run. It would only take away a few hours a month from her household duties and could do a lot of good for our cause, your town, and earn them several thousand bucks extra a year.  It really is a win-win situation.
I wish I could run, but I have been outed.  It was actually this blog that led the Jews Media to me.  But even so, after being outed I received 18 percent of the vote and there were five candidates (including me).  Out of five candidates, I received 18 percent of the vote in a Mestizo majority town.  If I hadn't been outed I bet I would have won.
As long as you don't run a public NS blog, there is no way they can out you.  If you are an official supporter, no ANP records are kept on computer so no one can hack us and get your name.  You won't be outed.  There's no way the Jews Media can find you out.
Time is running out.  Most jurisdictions have set their deadline for filing for the November elections sometime in August.  That's about three to six weeks depending on what state you live in.  Contact our Political Advisory Board at and we can help you.  
Don't delay.  Time is running out - for our entire race!
Hail Victory!
Dan 88!