How easy is it to enter Mexico illegally (Who would want to? Bare with me.)


Memorial Event, hosted by the CAMPO MINUTEMEN, Honoring CAMPO BORDER PATROL AGENT ROBERT ROSAS killed in action on 7/23/09 by illegal border crossers – who ambushed the border agent, wrestled his gun from him, and executed him with his own gun.
Campo, CA USA/MEXICO Border – 50 miles east of San Diego, CA.  I've been there.  Well, sort of.  I've driven past it.  It's one of those desert towns that 100 years ago, "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" could have taken place in.  DRAW HOMBRE!  

Campo Minuteman Dan Russell demonstrates how easy it is to cross the US border from Mexico. The Campo Minutemen were gathered to honor Campo, CA Border Agent Robert Rosas who was killed by illegals who crossed the border, ambushed him and then executed him with his own gun. He was killed in action at the Campo, CA border on 7/23/09.

This is absolutely ridiculous.  If it's this easy to get in to Mexico, it's that easy to get out of Mexico. This is why we desperately need a wall along our southern border and since the problem is caused by Mexico, they should pay for it.  

However, this world is built on compromise.  How about we go halfsies on it?  Sounds like a good deal for them seeing as it's their fault we need a wall in the first place.

Dan 88!


  1. a wall yes, but a wall of American troops, for if a taller wall is erected, lets say forty feet high then they will just have a forty five foot ladder or tunnel under , yeah armed troops would be a bit more of a deterrent but that is just my thought!

    1. I envision a wall rather like the Great Wall of China which was built to keep out the Mongol hordes. I'm not sure of the distance between them, but every so many yards they built a sort of guard tower with soldiers stationed in them because the Mongols would also just scale the wall if it were left unattended.

      With such towers built at specific distances, we could have troops guarding the wall, but we wouldn't need so many as if it were just a wall of troops.

      Dan 88!


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