Today Is The Day

Comrades, I'm going to refrain from making much of a post today.  Today is an important election in Great Britain.  It's the day we find out whether they will be leaving the European Union, or staying.  If they leave, this could very well mean the end of the EU as France and Germany can't support the poorer members without Britain's financial support.

This is a major event for Aryan Europe.  If they vote to leave, we have a chance to save some of our ancestral fatherlands from the invading hordes of non-Whites (mostly Muslims).  If they vote to stay, I very much fear that our Folk has doomed itself to eventual extinction.  Our homelands will fall to the non-Whites, and without homelands, we will be finished - or worse.  We'll end up like the Jew used to be:  People without a country.

Being overseas, it is doubtful we'll hear anything until Friday.  If we lose and the UK stays, it means they have sold their souls to the Judeo-Capitalists for a cushier lifestyle - at the expense of their children's future.  If they do this, they deserve neither pity nor help from us.  Unfortunately we'll also suffer as our fatherlands disappear forever - and us along with it.  I very much fear that if the Remainers win, the only hope left for us is revolution.

The polls say the numbers are very close.  We'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.  Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that the British people think more of their children's future, than a cushier present for themselves.  I hope they will, but I won't count on it.

Dan 88!


  1. there are those that are nationalists there but not as many as needed! i hope they do leave and then maybe they can start running that non Aryan trash out of there as well as the rest of Europe should also

    1. I hope so too.

      I found out that the results won't be announced until Friday, 7:00 AM London Time. That's Midnight Pacific Time, if I'm correct. Of course, the media will need some time to publish the results, especially here in America. We may have to wait until late Friday morning or afternoon. I'll post something when the results are known. I have a bad feeling the Leavers will lose by a narrow margin. The British will sell their children's future for a cushier present for themselves. I hope I'm wrong.

      Dan 88!


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