The Last One Is A Shot At Whites - Have A Thick Skin!

When Black people wear their pants down low, they are saggin.  Spell saggin backwards.  (Pretty sneaky!)

If a foreigner and a pedophile fight, what do they call it?  Alien vs. Predator.


White story ending:

...and that's how they fell in love.

Black story ending:
...and that's how my nigga got his hoes back. (Hey, that's how many Blacks talk)

Asian story ending:

...and that's how this equation was solved.  (You know how good they are at math!)


A bIack woman named her 5 sons... Tyrone, Tyrone, Tyrone, Tyrone and Tyrone. How did she tell them apart? She called the by their last names.

You know you're screwed during a test in class if you hear an Asian classmate mumble, "I don't know the fucking answer."

What's the difference between a Jew and a boy-scout?

One of them comes back from camp.


A White guy, a Black guy, and a Native American were discussing the first Thanksgiving.  

The Native American said, "What have we to be thankful for?  You White-eyes stole all our land?

The White guy said, "Maybe so, but at least we invited you to dinner first."

The Native American replied, "That's true.  And you never invited the Blacks to dinner, did you?"

Getting annoyed, the Black guy interjected, "Whitey couldn't have invited us to the first Thanksgiving.  We were busy that day."

"Doing what," asked the Indian.

The Black guy replied, "Who in the hell do you think was doing the cooking?!"
Dan 88!