The Chinese Have A Better Sense Of Humor Than I Thought!

May 27, 2016

Scene one from the ad

A Chinese laundry detergent advertisement is causing widespread outrage online and is being dubbed the most racist commercial to be screened.
But racist advertising has form, and not just in China.

A black man walks in and gets 'washed' a different colour

The scene: a young Chinese woman is doing her laundry. In walks a black man, with some paint stains on his face.
They look at each other suggestively. She puts a tab of detergent into his mouth....
Chinese ad
...and then shoves him into the washing machine.
Chinese ad

Hey presto! He emerges a fair-skinned Chinese man.


The lady doing laundry is
 apparently delighted by this development.


It's not the first time we have seen awkward advertising in China.  The Darkie brand of toothpaste is called "black man toothpaste" in China.

Darlie Toothpaste advert
Of course overtly racist advertising has been found in Britain and the US as well.

Pears soap advert
British and US advertisements for Pears Soap dating from the early 19th Century pushed the racist stereotype of black skin as dirty and white as somehow pure and desirable.

Now THAT's funny.  It kind of makes me look at the Chinese in a different light.  Usually they walk around with those emotionless expressions.  At least the ones I see do.  I don't mean Chinese-Americans, I mean Chinese from China.  

I guess they have a sense of humor after all.  People need to lighten up.  After all, it was just a commercial and they were just kidding around.  Some people need to develop a thicker skin - no pun intended!

Dan 88!