Singapore cuts same-sex kiss from Les Miserables

13 June 2016


A kiss between two male actors in the musical Les Miserables in Singapore has been removed from the show, after complaints from the public.

The scene involved a brief peck on the lips during the song Beggars at the Feast.
After being told it violated its "General" rating, the producers decided to remove the kiss, the Media Development Authority (MDA) said.
The show's organisers said that the scene was intended to be comical.
"The inclusion of the same-sex kiss was not highlighted in the script when it was submitted to MDA for classification. The performance was thus given a 'General' rating," MDA said. "MDA will take action against this breach of licensing conditions."
Since 3 June the scene has been adapted to exclude the kiss, Moses Lye, head of MediaCorp VizPro, the organiser of the musical told local media.
It comes after a row in Singapore over foreign companies sponsoring an annual gay rights rally called Pink Dot which took place on 4 June.
On 8 June, Singapore authorities warned it would take steps to make clear that foreign firms "should not fund, support or influence such events". The rally is sponsored by companies including JPMorgan, Google and Barclays.
Gay rights in Singapore is a fraught issue and recent years have seen courts upholding a law criminalising sex between adult men.
Singapore's vocal Christian community has also expressed its opposition to events such as Pink Dot and support for what it calls traditional family values.


It doesn't really matter what I think about this.  What counts is that the people of Singapore don't want Gay rights.  It's their country, it's their decision.  

When Gays get new rights like the right to marry and people object to it, their standard reply is, "We have the right.  Deal with it."

Maybe they do - here (and maybe they shouldn't), but not in other countries.  So my response to the Gay community regarding Singapore (and other countries) is:  Those countries have the right to ban homosexuality.  Gays will have to deal with it.

Gays love telling us to "deal with it", but they really hate it when we turn it around on them.  As they say, turn about is fair play.
Dan 88!


  1. I've never seen "Les Miserables" but it sounds like a good play. So what, if 2 dudes kissed. It's no where near as being called "gay" because a "man" hugged his brother upon returning home from the battlefield. This sounds more like an attack from the "politically correct" crowd rather than from an anti-gay rights group.

    "The show's organisers said that the scene was intended to be comical."

    First off, whoever wrote this article needs a lesson from the "Grammar Nazi." They spelled "organizers" wrong. Secondly, it was meant to be "comical..." Well, we all better quit looking for something to laugh at!

    I'm commenting because this very same crap, is going on in America today. White people are being labeled "racist" simply because, some of us believe in the US Constitution. White people are labeled "racist" simply because of our "NRA" or "Oath Keepers" affiliation and that has nothing to do with race or, a persons skin color. White people are being targeted for being "racist" simply because, we were just trying to go to WORK and didn't have the time to cheat on our loved ones and have sex with someone outside our race. White people are being called "racist" having our cars/ homes vandalized over a silly "Donald Trump" sticker/ sign. White people are "racist" because we don't have the latest pair of "shoes" from Foot Locker. White people are "racist" because we have an American flag or wear a shirt w/ the flag on it.

    Screw "political correctness!" I saw you're post about "Pulse." The guy pledged allegiance to ISIS. It doesn't matter if those people were gay. They were still our fellow citizens. That was, another act of TERRORISM on our soil.


    1. Actually, I agree with you about the kiss. However, my point was is that the people and the government of Singapore have every right to ban it if they want to. Their country, their rules.

      The article was written in England by a British reporter. In the UK they spell organize "organise". They also spell program "programme". It's just a case of British English vs. American English.

      I see dating sites online all the time for Blacks only, Mexicans only, etc. Sites for people of color who don't want to date outside of their race. They don't think that's racist. It's only when Whites don't want to date outside their race that it becomes racist.

      Yes I know Ali Ben what's-his-name pledged allegiance to ISIS. It doesn't make him a card carrying member. He's just as dangerous of course. But he was a Lone Wolf and not part of the pack - at least not officially. Could he have been some kind of ISIS undercover operative? That possibility can't be ruled out. We'll probably never know for certain.

      Dan 88!


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