Great Britain Votes To Get OUT Of The European Union!
 Kate McCann, senior political correspondent 
24 JUNE 2016 • 10:11AM London Time

David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister after Britain voted to leave the European Union.

It followed a turbulent night with Remain campaigners quietly confident until the early hours when results from Newcastle and Sunderland showed better than expected returns for the Brexit camp. 

A surprise victory for a Brexit in Swansea, which was expected to vote to Remain, did little to dampen concerns despite Scotland overwhelmingly backing staying in the Union. 

Other votes in Wales began to show a trend towards a surprise Leave vote, particularly in deprived communities. 

Big wins for David Cameron's campaign in London and Oxford did little to allay fears that early predictions had been wrong, as the pound began to tank - down by 6% by around 1pm. 

Leave passed the finishing post just after 6am, as it became clear that nothing could swing the vote back in favour of the Remain campaign.

With the Leave campaign securing 52 per cent of the vote, Mr Cameron addressed the nation in an emotional speech outside 10 Downing Street to announce that he would be stepping down.

Statements are expected to be made by Sinn Fein and the SNP later today calling for a breakaway from the Union. London backed Remain but the turnout was lower than expected because of bad weather.

Meanwhile on the market, the FTSE 250 index has plunged a whopping 11.7pc. The index of so-called mid-cap companies had dropped an astonishing 2,017 points to 15,309 in the first few minutes of trading.

Will the UK continue to be a member of Nato?

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Nato secretary general, has issued an extraordinary statement on Brexit, Matthew Holehouse writes.

It insists that the UK will "remain a strong and committed Nato Ally". This is clearly wishful thinking. 

Trident, the territorial integrity of the UK, and the ability of the public finances to sustain the current defence commitments are in serious jeopardy.

Mr Fogh Rasmussen said: "The British people have decided to leave the European Union. As it defines the next chapter in its relationship with the EU, I know that the United Kingdom's position in NATO will remain unchanged.

"The UK will remain a strong and committed NATO Ally, and will continue to play its leading role in our Alliance.

"Today, as we face more instability and uncertainty, NATO is more important than ever as a platform for cooperation among European Allies, and between Europe and North America.

"A strong, united and determined NATO remains an essential pillar of stability in a turbulent world, and a key contributor to international peace and security. 

"The Alliance remains committed to closer cooperation with the European Union. At the Warsaw Summit in July, we will step up our cooperation, because together we are more effective in upholding our common values and keeping our nations safe."

The EU reacts to UK Brexit vote

Poland’s foreign minister said the British leave vote “is bad news for Europe and bad news for Poland", Matthew Day writes.

Britain leaving the EU would deprive Poland’s euro-sceptic of a key alley in Brussels, casts a huge cloud of uncertainty over the status of hundreds of thousands of Poles working in the UK.

“First it means destabilisation for the UK. There is a great dilemma for the euro-crats: we all want to keep the EU, but in what shape.”

Viktor Orban, the Hungarian prime minister, said Brussels must now listen to the voice of the people and that is “the biggest lesson” of the referendum.

Tomas Prouza, the Czech secretary of state for EU affairs, said: “I’m sad that fear-mongering has won over reason and the willingness to face the world together.

"However, we have to respect fully the result, and have a thorough soul-searching on how to make Europe understandable again to the people.

"Many across the EU have lost faith, preferring nationalists and xenophobes, and we need to work very hard to explain why Europe still makes sense.”

A senior ally of Angela Merkel has opened the door to Scotland joining the EU, Matthew Holehouse writes.

Manfred Weber, the leader of the conservative bloc in the European parliament who is close to Merkel,  says there are “upcoming decisions on the national levels” for Scotland and Northern Ireland “to go another way.”

“It is up to them but Europe to welcome new member states. That is totally clear. Those who want to stay are welcomed in the European Union.” 

He says Article 50 talks must begin “immediately”. “We cannot wait for a Tory party to elect a new prime minister.”

“We have the will of the British people on the table. The question is now to implement it. We must do this very quickly. The continent of Europe cannot be occupied by an internal Tory party battle of who is the next leader of Great Britain.”

“This is a British problem,” he says, noting that the pound is tanking but not the Euro. “Britain has a bigger problem than the European Union.” 

Donald Trump: Brexit vote is 'a great thing'

Donald Trump, the US presidential hopeful, has arrived in the UK and said he is "very happy" about the Brexit vote.

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump said it is a "great thing" that the people of the UK have "taken back their country" in voting to leave the EU, as he touched down at his golf resort in Scotland, Simon Johnson writes.

The billionaire arrived in his "Trump" emblazoned helicopter at the Turnberry resort in South Ayrshire to officially open the revamped resort he bought in 2014, just an hour after Prime Minister David Cameron said he intended to stand down in October.

He gave a thumbs-up as he left his helicopter and shook hands with workers on his way to the hotel before making the comments about the EU referendum result.

He said: “I think it's a great thing that happened, an amazing vote, very historic. We're very happy. Asked why people voted for Brexit, he said: “People are angry. All over the world they're angry.”

Asked if he took heart from the result for his own campaign, Mr Trump said: “We're doing very well in the United States and essentially the same thing is happening in the United States.

“They are angry over borders, they are angry over people coming into the country and taking over and nobody even noticing. They are angry about many, many things.”

Asked to specify where people were angry, he said: “The UK, the US, many other places. It will not be the last.”

The billionaire mogul predicted the divisions caused by the referendum would “heal” and said it would bode well for his campaign.

“You know I said this would happen. I think it is a great thing. We will see but I think it will be a great thing. Basically, they took their country back,” he said.

Brexit is just the beginning

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, French firebrand leftist MEP, said that France would have voted to the leave the EU if asked. "This is the end of a world that begins with this Brexit," he told France Info radio.

"This teaches a lesson to the whole of Europe - either we change it or we leave it. This is the time for a plan B."

He described the current EU as "dead, killed by privileges for the cast of Eurocrats, by permanent lies, by the politics of flexibility...Everyone has had enough."

He said that already the "five president of the EU" had started "the process of drawing up a new (EU) treaty".

"Once again, they are doing so in hiding. Once again leaders are not talking. I fear a domino effect."

"The daily reality of Europe doesn't correspond at all to what the EU tried to start 30 years ago at least. Germany must stop ceaselessly telling other peoples what's best for them. France must have some willpower and make proposals. It's not that much to ask to live ones life working and being paid in a dignified way, receiving healthcare and education. All this is cast into question with the EU."

Corbyn calls for Government to start EU withdrawal immediately

Jeremy Corbyn has provoked a furious backlash from Labour MPs after calling on the Government to immediately start the process of withdrawing from the European Union.

The Labour leader said that Article 50 needs to be "invoked now" in response to the EU referendum result because "many communities are fed up with cuts and economic dislocation.

Labour MPs, who repeatedly warned that Mr Corbyn was failing to do enough during the referendum campaign, said he was "absolutely crazy".

Final results come in

The final results have come in and the nation voted 52% for leave, 48% for remain.

Schulz: EU must fight to avoid chain reaction

Martin Schulz, the president of the European Parliament, said he would speak with German Chancellor Angela Merkel "on how we can avoid a chain reaction" of other EU states following.

"The chain reaction that is being celebrated everywhere now by euroskeptics won't happen," he said.

The EU was the biggest single market in the world and "Great Britain has just cut its ties with that market," Schulz said.

"That'll have consequences and I don't believe other countries will be encouraged to follow that dangerous path."

"I am not shocked," he said of the results of the British referendum, adding: "We were prepared."

'Anti-EU contagion will spread'

La Stampa newspaper says there is now a profound risk of anti-EU contagion, with anti-Brussels sentiments spreading around the continent.

A recent poll found that 48 per cent of Italians would leave the EU if given the chance to vote in their own referendum.

"The United Kingdom has spoken. And its voice is being heard by the whole world," the daily says in an analysis piece this morning.

Latest: Netherlands call for EU referendum

Geert Weilders, the Dutch parliamentary party leader, has called for the Netherlands to hold a referendum on its EU membership.

'It was all about immigration'

Ben Farmer speaks to activists in Lancaster about the key issues that swung the campaign to leave.

For the defeated Remain campaigners in Lancaster, there is no doubt about the campaign's most powerful issue.

Traditionally strong Labour working class estates strongly rejected the EU because of fears over immigration and jobs.

James Groves, referendum agent for the In campaign, said: "We are a very diverse district and in the Lancaster town part of it, a liberal university town, every single district voted to remain.

"Over the river in Morecambe and Lunesdale, pretty much every urban ward voted to leave.

"There's no doubt that the big swing was in wards which are solid Labour.

He went on: "It was all about immigration and jobs and I think we have to look at why that resonated so much."


I just can't believe it!  This is a HUGE victory for the Aryan Race!  We actually have a real chance to save our Folk.  

I have to admit that I was thinking the Remainers would win.  However, as Ben Franklin said, "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst."

That's just what I did, and it made this moment even better.

The Bank Of England has already stated that the pound has dropped in value on the international market, but they were prepared for that.  They said they have a plan.  I hope so.  But as I said before, the British will weather this financial storm and come out better than they were before.

So the Prime Minister resigned?  Good riddance.  He's done nothing but lead the British people down the path of destruction.  He won't be missed.  If Jeremy Corbin (a sort of British Donald Trump) is elected the new PM, they'll be out of the EU by the end of the year, and all those non-White immigrants who have not yet gotten permanent permission to remain in the country will be sent packing.  He will also try and find any legal excuse to give those who have their British version of a Green Card the boot as well.

Now that the Netherlands is calling for their own "Netherexit" vote", I'll bet France will do likewise.  Austria also wants out.  After the next German federal elections, Merkel will be history and the Fatherland will exit as well.  That wilI mean the EU is DEAD!   

Maybe we shouldn't wait.  Perhaps we should take up a collection and send a nice funeral wreath to Brussels right now.

Comrades, you don't think this victory came easy, do you?  No way.  The Leavers worked their "bloody arses" off for this.  They campaigned, handed out literature, made phone calls, put up billboards, bought ad space in the papers, and ad time on TV and radio.  They earned this win with hard work.

If we expect to get anything close to this type of victory in the United States, we have to work just as hard.  But this proves we can win against the liberal left.  This is a major blow to their New World Order.  Poor liberals!  I feel so sorry for them - NOT!

Okay, time to stop gloating.  I guess I should show a little class about this.

Dan 88!