More Americans Fighting Back Against Corruption

6/13/16 Inglewood City Hall - Inglewood, CA
Preliminary Report by Robin Hvidston

Chanell Temple and Herbert Baker organized a demonstration and a drop-in visit to the office of Inglewood Mayor James Butts  as well as a visit to the Inglewood Police Station. 

A reporter with Los Angeles National Public Radio station KPCC covered the event.

Black Citizens in Inglewood are concerned about not being Represented by Tax-Paid Officials and the Leadership in Inglewood. There have been attempts made to communicate with certain Inglewood Officials and nothing has happened.

Black Inglewood Citizens are expressing their concerns about the following problems:

No Representation from Local Officials in regards to our concerns.

Safety of Citizens and their family members.

Incarceration of Black Citizens and family members.

Inglewood attack team is in violation of Civil and Human Rights.

The destruction of our Black Community with harassment tactics on a daily basis.

Lack of Jobs for Blacks and signs of Racial Discrimination from employers in Inglewood.

Benefits being denied but given to others (after Blacks have worked for decades).

Mass illegal Immigration and the effect it has on our Black Community.

No assistance from the Inglewood or the local Government, but millions of dollars are being spent to assist their special interest groups.

We have had Enough and we want our grievances heard, we want opened communication.

Blacks in Inglewood have NO Recourse but to file grievances concerning the above issues. We will continue to take action and file grievances until our voices are heard. Inglewood has received decades of Tax money from Black Citizens and now refuse to hear our grievances concerning our Civil and Human Rights.


When it comes to immigration - both legal and illegal, Blacks are in the same boat as Whites.  In fact, it's even worse for them.  Most immigrants take unskilled jobs, and there are more unskilled Blacks than Whites in California.  So it really hits them hard.

Also, Blacks outnumber Whites in Inglewood, but not Mestizos.  Again, they are in the same boat we are.

All too many WN's consider Blacks the enemy.  It's Nigger this and Coon that.  Maybe they are the enemy of the White race, but right now both our races have a common enemy.  For Whites and Blacks to be fighting today is like two idiots fighting in a house while the wolf is pounding at the door and after both of them.  It makes no sense at all.

Now I'm not saying Blacks and Whites should fight side by side.  I don't think that would work.  But we both should be fighting our mutual enemy and coordinating our efforts like separate, but allied groups.

Both races need to put aside our years of animosity towards each other and concentrate on the enemy bent on destroying BOTH of us.  If we don't, one of these days we'll wake up and find we are in a Latin country and it's too late to do anything about it.  The next step after that will be subjugation, and then extinction.  You hard core WN's had better think about this before it's too late.

Dan 88!