Huckabee: 'Guilty Liberals' Forced FBI to Release Orlando Killer

Wednesday, 15 Jun 2016 01:47 PM

Image: Huckabee: 'Guilty Liberals' Forced FBI to Release Orlando Killer
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says the Islamic State sympathizer gunman who shot dead 49 people at a gay nightclub beat an FBI investigation of his terrorist ties thanks to pressure from "guilty liberals." 

"If you're wondering how such an obvious ticking time bomb as Orlando mass murderer Omar Mateen was somehow overlooked by our massive federal security apparatus, it turns out that was deliberate," Huckabee wrote on his official website.
"So why in the world did they drop the investigation and walk away after 10 months? They bought his claim that he was teasing his co-workers because he thought they were trying to marginalize him for his Muslim faith," Huckabee said.
"In other words, they were more willing to believe that all his American co-workers were bigots than that he might be a danger to society. He'd learned to speak the language of political correctness well and used it to manipulate guilty liberals."

Huckabee said that at the same time the Obama administration was "arguing for the right to gather electronic data on every US citizen, including reporters, it was abandoning real leads."

As well, he said, the administration was "killing a serious terrorist investigative unit and deleting its files, and removing experts and training materials on how to identify threats, all because those things might be seen as culturally insensitive to Muslims. This is how political correctness kills, and it just set a new U.S. record."
"Feds: 'If you see something, say something!' Citizen: 'I see something.' Feds: 'Bigot!"'

Huckabee dropped his bid for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination in February and last month endorsed Donald Trump.


Mateen certainly was slick.  He went around talking like a Muslim extremist, and after he had everyone believing him, he basically said he was kidding and you are all a bunch of racists.  That way, if he accidentally did or say anything suspicious, people would either ignore him, or think he's just goofing around again.

This guy knew all about White guilt and political correctness and was playing on it.  Unfortunately he did a damn good job.

Comrades, it's because of all the PC crap going around that it is so important that we speak our minds and not be bullied or shamed into keeping quiet.  Be tactful, of course, but always speak up for the truth.  

The ANP stands up for the truth.  It's one of our goals to get to the truth and see to it that it's spread around and not covered up in the name of political correctness.

Remember, the truth can NEVER be racist.  It may be ugly or unpleasant, but never racist.  The truth may be embarrassing to some - even offensive, but if it's the truth then it's our duty to report it.

We do this by our online activities, and by handing out literature.  So now that winter is over with, let's get out there and hand it out and spread the truth.

Dan 88!