Here We Go Again!

I'm not bothering to post the story, because if you haven't heard about the Orlando shooting by now, you must be living in a cave someplace.

The moment I heard of this, the first thing I thought of was , "Oh boy.  Now the gun banners will be screaming for more gun control."  And damn if I wasn't right.  

This loony was not a member of ISIS.  He claimed allegiance to them. That could simply mean he supports them, but is not a member per se.  Anyone could say they support the ANP, but be neither a member nor an official supporter.

This guy accomplished nothing but to get 50 people - even if they were Queers - killed.  It's not going to stop Queers from gathering at night clubs, or from having parades.  This guy is now dead.  He can't do anything more for his principles, and he stopped nothing.  He killed some people, but that's all.  He neither harmed the LGBT movement and neither did he stop it.  They will go on, but he won't.

I believe in National Socialism and under the right circumstances I might even die for it.  But this boy doesn't go on suicide missions.  The only thing that accomplishes is an early death.

That's all I'm going to say on this - for the moment.

Dan 88!