Election Day Tomorrow!

Thank God!  Just one more day of having lies and bunk shoved down our throats and then we get a break from this election crapola for a little while.  I've had about all the baloney I can stomach for now.

Anyway, I do recommend we all get out there on Tuesday and vote the right way for those propositions.  Here's a little rule-of-thumb I go by:  If the Judeo-Capitalists are in favour of it, then it must be good for them and bad for the rest of us.  If they're against it, then it is most likely good for us and we should vote for it.

BTW, here are my recommendations for office:

President/Vice President:  Homer Simpson/Barney Gumble.  Homer says he'll appoint Moe The Bartender as Secretary Of Offense, Dr. Nick Riviera as Sturgeon General, Chief Wiggum as Secretary of the Inferior, Sideshow Bob as Secretary of State (that way he'll be too busy to keep trying to kill Bart), Snake the Jail Bird as head of the IRS (perfect job for a natural born thief), Krusty The Klown as Secretary of Education (great for an illiterate anti-Semitic Jew), and Waylon Smithers as Chief-Of-Staff (he may be Queer, but he's efficient), and C. Montgomery Burns as President of the Federal Reserve Bank (Homer doesn't really want to do it but Burns paid for his campaign).

If you like, write-in your own name for president.  That way you can put on your job resume "Former Presidential Candidate".  It looks good and it would technically be the truth! LOL

I know I'm making light of the whole electoral process, but seeing that it's become such a joke, it's hard not to.  In a society where votes are bought and sold like goods in the marketplace how can anyone seriously believe in it any more?  

As National Socialists we must take  things seriously,   but a good laugh now  and again is good for the spirit.
So get out there and make some serious, intelligent choices for the propositions and maybe a few local offices.  As for the federal candidates, we might as well get a few laughs out of them.  That's all the good they'll do for us anyway.

Dan 88!