Brazilian skinheads sentenced to 8 years for Nazi propaganda

By JTA - May 16, 2016
Jewish Times Of Israel

Two Brazilian skinheads were sentenced to eight years of detention for promoting Nazism on Facebook.

The local Jewish federation’s internet monitoring efforts reportedly were key to the case against Donato di Mauro, 25, and Marcus Vinicius, 26. Both men, known to belong to skinhead groups, were convicted of “Nazi propaganda,” “racism” and “conspiracy.”

“This is a longtime action on which we have been working for some three years,” said Salvador Ohana, president of the Jewish federation of the state of Minas Gerais. “We follow closely on the internet, we patrol the publications. We have tracked their Nazi content and the police joined us. Our lawyers served as accusers.”
The sentence allows a semi-open detention, which means the two men would work during the day and sleep in jail overnight. The Jewish federation had proposed jailing the skinheads full-time. The sentence may be appealed.
Di Mauro was convicted for filling his social media profiles with Nazi and racist messages, photos and videos. He had four prior convictions for “aggression” and “homophobia.” In 2013, he was jailed for six months for mock-strangling a black homeless man in the city of Belo Horizonte and posting the photo on Facebook.
Vinicius was found to have appeared in Di Mauro’s Facebook photo performing a Nazi salute next to his young child, for which he was also convicted of “corruption.”
Both skinheads mounted unsuccessful insanity defenses.
Ohana, of the Jewish federation, said neo-Nazis “have a weak presence [in our state] so far.”
“Our historic institute team goes to colleges to give lectures, monitor and speak on the Holocaust,” he said. “I am currently requesting that Shoah studies be added to books in public schools.”

The Jews never give up, do they?  It's been over 70 years and they're still peddling their Holocaust lies.
Comrades, that's why we must never give up.  As long as they keep up the fight, so must we.  If we don't, then they win.  So even though Spring Blitz is over, let's keep the literature going.  I went to the supermarket yesterday and got my groceries and left some cards while I was at it.  It only added five minutes to my time there.

That leads me to another point.  You can say what you want about this country, but at least we still have the right to voice our opinion and political philosophy without having to spend eight years in the click for it - well not yet at least.  
Dan 88!