Oh, Those Peaceful, Law Abiding Illegals...

4/26/16 Anaheim City Council Meeting
Report by Robin Hvidston


Raul Rodriguez, an American of Mexican descent, was pepper sprayed in the face. 6 people in the immediate area were affected by the over spray. A grandmother, who is an American of Filipino descent, and her 2 granddaughters, suffered severely from the pepper spray activation. 2 white females - 1 of whom suffered eye irritation for more than 24 hours -  and 1 white male were also hit by the pepper spray. When the assault was underway, a Trump supporter turned on her taser but did not use it. Another Trump supporter picked up and then held up the pepper spray container the assailant had deployed.

5 Trump supporters were treated at the scene by paramedics.  The children were crying loudly in pain, a horrific scene! The paramedics transported the children to the interior of an ambulance for further treatment. 

As the Trump supporters congregated in front of the Anaheim City Hall - before the city council meeting - Tony Tarantino addressed the attendees.

Anti-Trump protesters were gathering. After Tony Tarantino finished speaking, the anti-Trump protesters began to amass in greater numbers - approximately a couple of dozen  - and were chanting loudly, "NAZIS."  The Trump supporters in turn chanted, "USA!" The situation escalated and the assailant activated his pepper spray. At which time, the rally group was directed by Robin Hvidston and others to move inside of the city council chambers.

Officers were inside of the city hall. One of the officers stated to a Trump supporter that they were "waiting for back up."  Before the rally, Robin Hvidston had been called via telephone by the Anaheim Police Department and the rally time and location was confirmed.

And these Mestizos believe that this sort of violent behavior is helping their cause?  How moronic can they be?!  The Con-servatives are turning this right around on them - which is a good thing.

Are these the type of people we want to immigrate to this country?  People who use profanity publicly uttered (or written as the case may be).  People who can't seem to express themselves civilly but have to resort to violence, obscenity, and childish name calling?

When push comes to shove, it seems to me that it's the pro-illegal people who are behaving like the stereotypical Hollyweird Nutzis, not the Trump supporters.

The pro-illegal people were made up of a lot (not all) of oddballs.  The Trump supporters on the other hand were all normal looking people.  If you were a politician, which side would you listen to, the oddballs or the normal people?  This one's a no-brainer.

Dan 88!


  1. Everyone knows that Donald Trump likes to lift himself up by putting others down and viciously attacking people. But Trump has also encouraged his supporters at rallies to get aggressive and violent with protesters in their midst. This has led to incidents across the country in which Trump supporters have targeted minorities, and similar behavior has emerged beyond campaign rally sites.

    1. Legally there is no excuse for violence except self defense or defense of others. And that defense means defense against violent actions, not name calling and verbal harassment.

      A Trump supporter can walk through a crowd of immigrants shouting "IMMIGRANTS SUCK" and if anyone lays a hand on him they are guilty of assault and battery.

      Even if Trumps supporters have engaged in inappropriate behavior, the other side has no right to attack him regardless of what he said.

      Dan 88!


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