White Heritage Month: This Land Is OUR Land!

When we hear the words “Native Americans”, most people are referring to the people we used to call American Indians.  For hundreds of years they were thought to be the first inhabitants of North America.  Recent evidence has now PROVEN that Ancient European hunters beat the Asian ancestors of the American Indian to this continent by as much as 10,000 years.

A remarkable series of European-style stone tools have been found on the East Coast in six different sites from Virginia to Maryland dating back an astonishing 26,000 years.  These kinds of tools were very common to Europe during this time known as the Solutrean Period.

A chemical analysis of these tools done in 2012 has proven conclusively that some of these tools were made of flint that actually originated in France.   During the Great Ice Age, the pack ice reached much lower latitudes than today.  Solutrean Hunters must have crossed the ice pack carrying with them tools they had made in Europe. 

It must have been an incredible journey that would have taken them months.  

Arctic animals would have been common at the edge of the ice so food would have been plentiful.  As today’s Inuit or Eskimos are well adapted to Arctic life, so our remote ancestors would have been as well.  They would have known how to make small, efficient shelters such as igloos, and how to keep themselves warm in frigid temperatures.  The Nordic races have always been well adapted to the cold.

Even so, could they have walked along the ice in a journey that lasted months?  Possibly, but they had another way.  The Europeans of that time knew how to build small, light boats similar to the Inuit’s kayaks.  These boats could be easily hauled out of the water and flipped upside down and used as an overnight shelter, much in the same way the Inuits once did.  Knowing this, it is most likely that they walked part of the way, and part of the way they came by kayak.

Professor Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian Institute and Professor Bruce Bradley of the University of Exeter have made these remarkable finds and studies.  Their research has revolutionized archaeology and how Europeans view their place in the Ancient World.

Stanford and Bradley both point out that when the Asians finally did make it to North America, they came by way of the Bering Straits Land Bridge which once connected Siberia and Alaska.  Twenty six thousand years ago there were no humans in that part of Siberia.  The Asians wouldn’t have made it over to the West Coast of North America until at least 10,000 years AFTER the Europeans made it to the East Coast.

Skeletons containing European DNA have been found in several sites along the East Coast and as far west as Arizona.  These skeletons possess European physical characteristics such as classic narrow skulls and long noses.  Asians tend to have much rounder heads and shorter noses.  Also, DNA evidence shows these skeletons contain Haplogroups.  These are blood factors found only in Europeans.  DNA studies have proven that American Indians have much more in common with Asians than with Europeans. 

Also, as we all know, Asian languages have taken a different approach than European ones.  However the languages of Eastern American Indian tribes are not related to the languages of Middle or Western American tribes.  The Eastern tribes were very probably linguistically influenced by Ancient Europeans.  It seems that wherever our people went we influenced them more than they influenced us.  Think of it.  Even 12,000 years ago Europeans were showing other races a better way.

One of the biggest questions is:  What happened to these Ancient Europeans?  By the time Europeans rediscovered the New World there were no signs of the descendants of these Solutrean hunters.  The first reason was the time factor.  The ice pack was only as low as it was during the Ice Age which lasted about 4,500 years.  The Bering Straits Land Bridge was passable  for 15,000 years, so by the time the Asians found it they would have had twice as much time to immigrate here than did the Europeans.  Evidence shows that some of our ancestors were killed by invading Asians-turned-Indians, and as some Eastern Indian tribes have DNA that contains traces of haplogroups, it is apparent that miscegenation also contributed to their disappearance.  Basically our ancestors in North America helped to destroy themselves with race mixing and if we don’t put a stop to it, the same thing will happen again.  The proof of the consequences of race mixing is right in the archaeological record, yet no scientist wants to even discuss it.

Not unexpectedly Native Americans have reacted very strongly to these facts.  Naturally they reject them outright.  You can say all you want that the sky is green and the grass is blue but just because everyone agrees with you doesn’t make it so.  In the 17th Century Galileo said the Earth was round and that it moved around the sun.  The Italian government and the Catholic Church insisted that the Earth was flat and that the sun moved around the Earth.  They even made Galileo recant under threat of being burned at the stake, but it didn’t change the facts.  The Earth IS round and it DOES move around the sun.

What I have given you are a lot of facts.  Facts are facts.  And what the facts say is that Europeans beat the Asians to North America by 10,000 years.  It proves that WE are the true Native Americans.  It also proves that North America is OURS by birthright.  Not the Indians and most especially not the Mestizos.  This land is OUR land.

Dan 88!


  1. Basic premise is wrong and throws out what is on offer to the white race. This is your white brothers land not your white land and should be treated with respect as such.

    I think this very article shows that the genes of yours that survived in the "american indian" then also include the white (very) ancient mongolians [more ancient than the so-called ancient mongolians] that came there before the "indians" also should be allowed to continue to own this upper continent (north) not wiped out for your "superiority" over their adaption. This was followed only by the 'fit for cause' vikings. Ie this combination of genes proved some of the indians (yes mixed hybrids) strong enough to be your future brothers (including the blonde blue eyed ones in the US) whereas the rest did not. These will allow the white genes eventually (including ones lost to the general white population) to able to hybridize with each other not just outsider populations imo. So saying not the Indians is shortsighted when some of their white genes survived and evolved stuff most the white race is not surviving in present day. Either your genes are worthy or not, but you have not had the same trials they did..yet. Eventually a true white hybrid that is stronger than either will arise. Plus an increase the variety of white male Y gene subtypes is very needed as 5 to 8 is not enough except for purpose of just adapation to cooling climates (Wherever they are). IE new white superiority will come out of this in North America if Europeans can limit their mixing in now and taking over/exterminating aspects (and bringing in diseases though multiculturalism is doing way way way too good of a job doing that on its own). Throwing out any adaptions for hyridizing, let alone other adaptions in the N. American
    indian or worse yet keeping these and other white genes out of the white gene pool is a bad mistake. Basically it just needs to be
    understood and the improvements made pure. At the same time, if the white genes have adapted at all to hybridizing as they likely have, could become a good "Weapon" to alter other races (among other things i suspect in future) permanently to be more favorable to us and ours. Plus again, do you really want to lose out on whites getting as pure as you can and throwing out the advances that may have occurred under all that genetic and environmental stress and miscegenation? Not saying its pretty, but heres a partial difference between us and others. We deal with facts yet we have always taken the road thats bracing (Cold adaption for example, joke intended) The facts may not be fully in on what white genes/adaptions they have to offer obviously, but the bracing challenge would to be to make sure our race gets all superior adaptions/changes into our own including a superior white with two white races able to hybridize. But yes, a future and calculated with science and better information, inclusion of more white genes that are compatible with their
    adaptions (likely to have occured) should happen to make them more pure over time. Ie don't swamp the adaptions out and the former. Plus this should allow us to figure out how make ourselves purer too. Even if such hybrid was only 10% (even 1%) better than any other white or other hybrid it would be a huge leap forward. Don't be black Cain to your Brother Abel. A true white brother also, would help protect his brother's land til he matured enough to do it himself.


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