White Heritage Month - Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story NEVER Told!

If you like movies about Hitler, then THIS is the one to see.  No Jewish lies here, just the truth. There may be a few truths you might not like hear.  After all Hitler was human, and not perfect.  But these are the true facts, not the "convenient" facts the enemy likes to palm off on people as reality.

Whatever faults Hitler had they weren't anything that every person isn't guilty of.  But by and large this tells the story of a great man without the bullshit.  It is over three hours long so you might want to set aside some time and come back later.  This will certainly give you a better knowledge of Hitler and National Socialism than that TV show "The Man In The Tower" or "Inside The Third Reich".

WARNING:  This movie contains very graphic and disturbing scenes of Kosher slaughterhouse methods.  Animals were most definitely harmed in the making of this film - but not by Aryans.

Dan 88!

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