Southington police investigating racist fliers found on cars in town

SOUTHINGTON — Police and residents were surprised by the appearance of racist fliers left on vehicles in town over the weekend.
Racist fliers
The two incidents were reported on Friday and Saturday, when citizens discovered the fliers with “American Nazi Party” and “White Power” printed on them, along with a swastika.
The papers also had the website address printed on them.
The incidents occurred outside the YMCA building on High Street and the YMCA Gymnastics Center on Putnam Place.
“It was very disturbing,” said Town Manager Garry Brumback, who was informed of the racist fliers by the police Chief  John Daly.
Brumback said that police had not informed him whether the fliers were placed on the cars of specific minority groups. However, he said the chief told him that the matter was being investigated from every possible angle.
“We are taking this very seriously,” said Brumback. “There is no room for hate speech in this community. We want to nip this in the bud. In this time of vitriol and anger we don’t want this to get out of hand.”
The American Nazi Party, which was printed on the flier, identifies itself as a “Political-Educational Association” committed to bringing American National Socialism into the 21st century, according to But the Montgomery, Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center characterizes the National Socialist Movement as an extremist and racist organization with roots stretching back to the American Nazi Party of the 1950s. The National Socialist Movement is regarded as the largest neo-Nazi organization in the United States, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s extremist files.
Sgt. Jeffrey Dobratz urged citizens to report any suspicious fliers or activity to police. “There may have been more people who found them and just threw them out,” he said. “Right now, we’ve just got the two complaints.”
Dobratz said police are conducting extra checks of the areas where the fliers were discovered and that no witnesses have come forward.
Anyone with information is asked to call Southington police at 860-621-0101.
Brumback added that Councilor Victoria Triano, a local reverend, said she was speaking with other Southington clergy and the police about organizing a gathering this Saturday to promote peace. The time and location have not yet been announced.


It seems someone is already getting busy with Spring Blitz and doing a great job!  Keep up the fine work comrade!

This is what we need. People need to get out there and get the job done and not wait for "someone else" to do it.  The one who needs to get out there is always the face in the mirror.

Don't worry about the cops "investigating".   I've done this for years in and around the San Bernardino area.  At first I got a few articles in our local paper - The San Bernardino Sun (very appropriately named as our weather is hot as hell most of the year), and then - nothing.  Either to them it's old news or they figured they're giving us too much free publicity so they stopped.  Probably a little of both.

Even though my name is not unknown in the NS/WN community, I have never once had a visit from either local police or Feds asking me if I know anything.  The cops know there is really nothing to investigate.  We have a right to distribute literature.  If the carpet cleaners can leave fliers on cars, if the Republicans, Democrats, and local politicians can, then so can we.

This looks like it's going to be our best Spring Blitz ever.  Despite the media's lies about White Nationalism being on the decline, requests for our literature are INCREASING.  Indeed, White Nationalism in particular, and nationalism in general are on the rise.  No surprise there - considering the state of this country.

Never listen to the news media.  They keeping lying about tolerance increasing and intolerance on the decline.  They hope that we'll believe them and give up as we're fighting a losing battle.  They want us to get discouraged and quit.  Don't you believe them for a second.

The fact that we're getting more requests for literature than ever proves they are indeed lying.  We have a momentum going now.  Let's not only keep it going, but increase it.

BTW, we should all thank the Southington, Al. media for giving us this fairly good piece of publicity.  And it was good considering that the media is generally against us.

Dan 88!