Obama Aims To Grant Federal Benefits To Illegal Aliens

By Sandy Fitzgerald   |   Thursday, 07 Apr 2016 07:01 PM

President Barack Obama says he has the power to allow illegal immigrants to be eligible for federal benefits through the guise of "prosecutorial discretion," and that he will not enforce the law against them for being in the country, CNS News Editor-in-Chief Terence Jeffrey says in an editorial.

Solicitor General Donald Verrilli plans to use that argument before the Supreme Court, where he will argue that Obama "can make millions of people in this country illegally eligible for Social Security, disability and Medicare," Jeffrey writes in the Wednesday piece.

The court will hear the arguments in a case filed by Texas and other states that complains the administration's Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents program, or DAPA, goes against Congress' framework that determines who may enter and stay in the country. 

And in the Obama administration's response, Verrilli says DAPA would legalize immigrants, and that the administration can remove them from the United States "at any time." But still, he said the administration can allow people to stay under a "deferred" status. 

While Verrilli says the deferred action status makes an illegal immigrant ineligible for federal public benefit programs, they are still eligible for "earned-benefit" programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Meanwhile, since such immigrants are not given lawful immigration status and can be removed at any time, that puts Obama in violation of breaking a Constitutional law that requires he "take care that the laws be faithfully executed," Jeffrey writes.

"The Obama administration has taken care of just one thing here: It has constructed a convoluted — and unconvincing argument — it hopes will provide the activists on the Supreme Court with a cover story to explain why this president need not faithfully execute the nation's immigration laws," Jeffrey concluded.

...this president need not faithfully execute the nation's immigration laws.

Immigration law isn't the only law Obama feels he does not have to faithfully execute.

It is true that this country needs a lot of work.  Even Obama knows it.  Congress does not seem to want to act.  However that does not give any president to act unilaterally - at least in a democracy - which this country is SUPPOSED to be.

When any president feels he has the right to run things as they see fit, democracy goes right down the crapper.

A a National Socialist, I don't believe in the traditional system of this country.  Not even that which was begun by our Founding Fathers over 200 years ago.  National Socialists know that a strong leader is essential for the well being of any country and its people.  One of the differences between us and people like Obama is that we make no secret of what we are and of our beliefs.

Obama is acting like a would-be dictator but still trying to cloak himself in a veil of democracy.  Too bad way too many still believe in him.  

Either you believe in democracy - a system where the government must listen to thousands of view points and try and satisfy them all, OR you believe in a system with a strong leader who will take control, and do what is necessary for the country and its citizens.

You can't have it both ways.

Dan 88!