IRS: Our Job Is to Collect Taxes, Not Catch Illegals

Image: IRS: Our Job Is to Collect Taxes, Not Catch Illegals

The head of the Internal Revenue Service says it's not the agency's job to crack down on illegal immigrants who use somebody else's Social Security number to get a job and pay their taxes, the agency’s commissioner says.

At a House Small Business Committee hearing Wednesday, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told lawmakers the agency's "responsibility is to make sure they pay their taxes," The Hill reports.

"We have Social Security and immigration authorities and others who enforce that part of the law, and if we start looking behind the system and doing their job for them, we’re going discourage a lot of people from paying the taxes they owe," he said, The Hill reports.

The remarks reinforce comments he made Tuesday at a Senate Finance Committee hearing — that it's in everybody's best interest for taxes to be paid — even by illegal immigrants.

"If folks are here illegally, I get that you want to collect tax revenues, and I applaud that aspect, but should any agency go along with what it knows to be illegal activity?" Virginia GOP Rep. Dave Brat asked Wednesday.


Typical - not just of the government, but most Americans in general.  How many times have you not done something that needs to be done and said, "Hey!  It's not my job."  It's no wonder why this country's work ethic is practically non-existent.

It also goes to show you that the government doesn't care who pays, as long as they get paid.  Once I sold a car to some creep who failed to put it in his name.  He managed to drive it for two years before getting busted.  However, every year I was sent a re-registration form from the DMV and a bill.  Every time I sent it back with the "Release of Liability" form stating I had sold the car and to whom.

After two years the turd gets busted.  The car is impounded.  Guess who they send the bill to?  I actually had to go to court to get this thing settled - despite the fact that I had sent the DMV THREE "Release of Liability" forms telling them I no longer owned that car.

The DMV wanted its money and they didn't care who paid the bill.  At least the court cared.  The judge ordered the DMV to leave me alone and to stop sending me bills.  He even told them if they are ever brought to his court again for this sort of thing he would cite them in contempt.  Believe me I could barely keep from laughing out loud at our wonderful motor vehicle department.  Gotcha suckers!

Back on point now.  Okay it's technically not the IRS's mandate to bust illegals.  But they could notify ICE when one files a return.  After all, if someone on Social Security earns too much money and has to pay taxes on it, they notify Social Security that the person in question has earned too much to stay qualified for the full benefit.

If it isn't their job to catch illegals, it isn't their job to catch Social Security cheats either.  The thing is, illegals who pay taxes MAKE money for the government so they don't want to get them busted.  Social Security cheats COST the government money so they want them busted.

That's fair.  Let the illegals pay taxes and get away with being here illegally, and bust basically honest people on Social Security who are just trying to earn a few extra bucks on the side.

That's our Uncle Samuel for you!

Dan 88!