Germany bans neo-Nazi group, carries out sweeping raids

March 16, 2016

Berlin (AFP) - Germany banned a neo-Nazi group called the "White Wolves Terror Crew" on Wednesday after police targeted its members in dawn raids in 10 states.

Police confiscated weapons, propaganda leaflets and data carriers in the raids against the far-right group, said Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, announcing the ban on the group whose German name is "Weisse Woelfe Terrorcrew" or WWT.

"This is a group of neo-Nazis who spew hate openly against our country, against our society, against people with different political opinions, against migrants and also against police," the minister said.

"This group openly subscribes to the values of national socialism and wants a dictatorship based on that model."

WWT had been active across Germany since 2014, according to the country's domestic intelligence agency.

Its members have been seen holding banners reading: "Achieve national socialism with all means."

De Maiziere called the group's prohibition "a clear and strong sign against right-wing extremism and a further step against incitement of hate in Germany".

"With today's ban I am sending this message: the security authorities are taking strong action against extremism -- regardless of which (political) direction it is leaning and whether the group is big or small," he said.

Founded in 2008 as a fan-club of the extreme right skinhead band Weisse Woelfe, the WWT subsequently developed into an outfit that carries out far-right violence.

Police had already carried out raids in 2009 against its members, and in 2012 federal prosecutors launched proceedings against it over charges that it was a terror organisation.

The accused were alleged then to have formed a so-called Werewolf Commando squad aimed at bringing down Germany's political system. But the case was dropped in October 2014 due to lack of evidence.


Before anyone starts crying "oppression" and "unfair", let me point out that the White Wolves Terror Crew are nothing but White terrorists.  They are not a political party.  The word terror is right in their name.  They are a bunch of violent misfits who only know violence to achieve their goals.  Ain't gonna happen.

I understand how frustrated and even desperate German Aryans are becoming, but taking up arms against their government is only going to get them what they got:  Time in ZOG's gulags.

It would be the same here in the United States.  If the ANP started taking up arms and saying things like, "National Socialism by any means." we wouldn't be in business very long.  We'd end up another Ruby Ridge or Waco, Texas.  We'd either be dead or locked up.  Not only would we not be able to help our cause, but we would only be working against ourselves.  The left wing media just eats stuff like that up.

The ANP is doing things the right way.  We are educating people, running for low level offices (yes we have won some offices but our people are operating under the radar for obvious reasons), and basically staying within the law.  We are revolutionaries working in enemy territory, so we have to be careful in what we do, and always work within the law.

Our Spring Blitz Campaign will begin soon.  Some have already started if you read Monday's post.  So let's get our materials together and get out there and do some educating and outreach - WITHIN THE LAW.

Dan 88!


  1. What morons! What if they had simply called themselves the "Dussledorf Citizens Defence league" instead of the "TERROR BRIGADE"? They would all be free to continue their efforts. Gee, I guess that wouldn't have sounded "tough" enough, eh... ROCK 88!

    1. You said it Rock! These idiots are nothing more than a White street gang playing Nazi like the Aryan Brotherhood, a prison gang specializing in selling drugs to ALL races in prison. There's also the Nazi Low Riders, a common street gang which is also into selling drugs to anyone who can pay. Just thugs trying to sound tough.

      Dan 88!


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