Betsy McCaughey: Hillary Running 'Most Racist' Campaign in Modern History

By Cathy Burke   |   Friday, 08 Apr 2016 07:25 PM

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is running "the most racist" presidential race in modern history, former New York lieutenant governor Betsy McCaughey charges.

In remarks Friday to "Newsmax Prime" host J.D. Hayworth on Newsmax TV, McCaughey says Clinton "stokes up racial animosity, racial distrust.

"And in every campaign stop she delivers the same message," McCaughey said. "She says African-Americans are victims of systemic racism in this country and she attributes the high incarceration rates of blacks, the school discipline rates of blacks, to systemic racism."

McCaughey also said Hillary Clinton's stance is "why her husband is getting beaten up on the campaign trial," referring to protesters who confronted Bill Clinton in Philadelphia on Thursday — and his angry response.

"She's doing it — dividing this country and making black Americans unjustifiably angry," McCaughey said.

But Michael Reagan disagrees, saying Bill Clinton's defense of his wife  has "a lot of people applauding him."

"If [Donald] Trump would've said that or any one of those running for president on [the Republican] side would've said that, they'd be taken to the cleaners by everybody on the planet," he said. "But Bill Clinton, the 'first black president,' said it and therefore people do listen because what he said was absolutely true."

McCaughey also dismissed the idea any other candidate —  including the esteemed retired Gen. James Mattis — besides Donald Trump, Gov. John Kasich or Texas Sen. Ted Cruz being nominated by the RNC.

"For anyone to run now is manic. It would be manic Mattis," she said. "If the Republicans don't choose one of the leading contenders, Trump or Cruz — it should be the person who has the most votes, right? — Republicans all across this country will be up in arms."

"It's pathetic that these insurgent Republicans, these establishment Republicans who are rejecting the will of the people are still looking for some third candidate," she said.


In the last ten years racial divisivness has INCREASED rather than decreased.  That's because the Democraps turn everything they can into a racial issue.

Why?  So they can play the part of the tolerant progressive, and make everyone who disagrees with them into intolerant bigots.

Well if disagreeing with the liberals means you're a bigot, then I'm a bigot - and I make no secret of that.  I don't go around shouting I'm a National Socialist, but I do let people in my life know that I am not a liberal and am not the liberal's idea of tolerant and progressive.

But the thing is I am progressive.  Working for National Socialism is about as progressive as it comes.

Liberals like to think that "progressive" is their word.  They can't be further from the truth. We're working for a better government, and a better way of life.  Now how progressive is that?

Dan 88!