Australia Hails 600 Days Of No Asylum Boats

Sky News
March 20, 2016

Suspected Asylum Seekers Arrive At Christmas Island

Almost 700 people have been denied admission to the country since Operation Sovereign Borders was launched in September 2013.

Under it, asylum seekers trying to reach Australia by boat are turned back to their country of departure or sent to remote Pacific island camps.

They are not allowed to resettle in Australia even if they are found to be genuine refugees.

The conservative government claims the measures help prevent deaths at sea.

Under the previous Labour administration, at least 1,200 people died trying to reach Australia by boat between 2008 and 2013.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said: "Tomorrow (Friday) marks 600 days since the last successful people-smuggling venture to our country and the government's absolutely determined to make sure that it stays that way."

He added that 25 boats carrying 698 people had been turned back and "safely returned to their country of departure" since the policy was introduced.

Civil rights groups have criticised conditions at the camps, while doctors have said the detention of children in particular has left some struggling with mental health problems.

Amnesty International has also called for an independent review into claims that Australian authorities paid people smugglers US$30,000 to return 65 asylum-seekers to Indonesia.

Mr Dutton said he was "very proud" the number of children in detention had fallen from almost 2,000 in June 2013 to just 29, and he was working to bring it down further.

Allegations of rape and other forms of abuse at one camp in Nauru were raised at a parliamentary inquiry last year.

A doctor who assessed inmates there said living conditions were unsafe and put vulnerable women and children at "considerable" risk. 


Pro-asylum seeker protest in Australia

Someone needs to tell these bleeding hearts that immigration is NOT a human right.  I keep saying this.  Sometimes I feel like a broken record.

If we are going to help at all, so much more can be done for them in their native lands. Asylum is a short term solution.  These people are primarily economic immigrants.  They are not fleeing war. Economic immigration is not a human right.  It is a privilege that any country can revoke at its discretion.

I commend Australia for its decisive action in protecting its sovereign borders against economic invaders who just want a piece of the Australian pie.  

Now if the United States would take a similar action, we wouldn't be in as bad a mess as we are in.

On the bright side, the fact that the United States is not doing what it should be doing to protect our borders from economic invaders just proves even more that National Socialism is the ONLY way.  If we were a National Socialist state, illegal immigration would not even be an issue.  We'd make damn sure that these invaders knew what would happen to them if they persisted in coming to where they have not been invited.

How would it be handled?  First, we would secure our borders with troops - probably a modern Americanized version of the Waffen SS - which BTW, would include modern styled uniforms based on the originals, rather than replicas of WW II outfits.

Any illegals that got through would be given a hot meal, a quick medical check, and then deported to their native lands.  If they refused to tell us where that is, then they would rot in a detention camp until they decided to tell us.

Pretty simple.  Of course as you all know if it's simple, the United States government won't do it. They like things to be unnecessarily complicated.  Unnecessarily complicated procedures create lots of high up jobs that bureaucrats can fill with all their buddies and relatives.

Dan 88!