Remembrance Project to Make Supreme Court Filing in Obama Executive Amnesty Case

By Robin Hvidston, citizen activist for "We The People Rising"
Feb. 26, 2016.
The Remembrance Project and their National Director, Maria Espinoza, today issued the following press release regarding their upcoming action before the United States Supreme Court in the legal fight over President Obama’s unlawful executive order granting amnesty for illegal aliens currently in the U.S.:
The Remembrance Project will file an amicus brief supporting Texas and the other 25 states challenging the Obama administration’s illegal and unconstitutional executive amnesty in the Supreme Court case United States v. Texas.
The Supreme Court allows non-parties to file briefs when they have an interest in the case. The Remembrance Project is a non-profit organization founded to honor and remember Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens. Its interest in the case is to ensure that the Court does not ignore the voice of the American victims of illegal immigration.
According to The Remembrance Project’s National Director Maria Espinoza, “The Obama Administration and its open borders allies have ignored our immigration laws while making emotional appeals about separating families. Yet, its American families that have been torn apart, permanently, by illegal immigrant crime. We are filing this brief to make sure these voices are heard.”
To fight the Obama administration’s executive order, The Remembrance Project has retained Gene Schaerr of Schaerr Duncan LLP. According to Schaerr, “I am honored to help give a voice to victims of illegal immigration. I look forward to working with The Remembrance Project to help remind the Supreme Court that Congress crafted its immigration laws specifically to prevent the admission of violent criminals and to show the human costs of the [Obama’s] Administration's’ failure to enforce these laws.”
Gene Schaerr is a leading Supreme Court advocate. He is a former Supreme Court law clerk and has argued six cases before the Supreme Court and teaches Supreme Court litigation at Brigham Young University School of Law.”  
NOTE: Espinoza’s opponent in the 7th Congressional District Republican Primary, Rep. John Culberson, voted in the recent Omnibus bill to fully fund the Department of Justice and it’s legal defense of President Obama’s unlawful executive amnesty order.

Not all Americans prefer sitting on their asses watching the Jew Box after work.  Some are willing to get out there and do something.

Considering that there are about 100 million adult White Americans in this country, if just ten percent were willing to actually fight, we would be a force to be reckoned with!  Ten percent of 100 million is 10 million.  That's some force!

Now I admit that We The People Rising and The Remembrance Project are both well meaning, they are misguided.  They are trying to repair this system when it really needs to be scrapped and replaced with National Socialism.  The Remembrance Project is a good thing for the families of the victims of illegal aliens.  Fighting for justice for their loved ones - even if their methods are misguided still helps them ease their grief.

I mentioned some weeks ago that one of our very own comrades from Arizona had a cousin murdered by an illegal.  
My point is, ANY action is better than no action.  Let's all get and stay involved in some way - even if it's just giving out literature.
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Dan 88!