Only Whites Are Racist? Bullshit!

Watch the video below that was made at an anti-illegal-anti Nancy Pelosi rally in Claremont, Ca. on Feb. 18, 2016. 


First of all, this racist piece of trash has no idea how expensive it would be for a White to move to Europe.  

We were born here.  The illegals weren't.  This land was taken from them by force.  But they took it from the Spaniards by force, who took it from the Native Americans by force.  If we're talking about giving land back to its rightful owner, we would give it back to the Indians, not the Mexicans.

Besides, whether or not it was an injustice it was almost 175 years ago.  It's been too long.  They no longer have any rightful claim on it.  Have they ever heard of the statute of limitations?  They're way too late to be making claims.

What does he mean by "Go back to Europe?"  I've never been there.  How can you go back to someplace you've never been to?

If you can't describe him as being full of hate, then I don't know who can be.

Dan 88!


  1. Not to mention, even though Europe is our ancestral homeland, its even in worse shape than the USA is! Like the USA, European nations are firmly in the hands of the jews, with all the accompanying problems. The jew created multicult cancer is even worse there I would argue. And, our European brothers have less legal rights to protest and defend themselves. (No freedom of speech, right to bear arms, etc.)

    1. You don't have to argue over that, comrade. I agree 110 percent! Europe IS worse off and our brothers and sisters there have WAY fewer rights than here.

      Dan 88!


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