Nobel Prize winner fact checks the president on TPP

by Murshed ZaheedMarch 4, 2016
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will hurt millions of Americans by eviscerating broad swaths of regulations that protect consumers, workers, the environment and our financial system. Yet due to a nearly-complete blackout of coverage of this trade deal in the traditional corporate media, you wouldn’t know it.
The lack of proper media scrutiny has enabled TPP’s supporters in the Obama administration and their corporate allies to spread lies and misinformation about this giant trade deal without any pushback. Even worse, the President himself has told some of these falsehoods about this corporate power grab.With the text of the deal now public, some key Republicans who supported Fast Track authority for approving the TPP are now saying they cannot support the trade deal as it stands. That means the president currently does not have the votes to pass the TPP. We need to keep it that way and thwart any momentum toward passage of the TPP in this Congress.


The Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership, or TPP is the best thing - for the One Percent.  It will make it easier for them to ship our jobs overseas, and to import more cheap foreign labour to fill jobs that can't be outsourced.

If this keeps up, just imagine how many more will be unemployed.

There's just one thing I haven't figured out.  We are their customers.  If they keep shipping our jobs overseas, how are we supposed to buy their stuff?  Perhaps the One Percent aren't thinking that far ahead.  Perhaps they are only thinking about the next few fiscal years.  

Unless they have something up their sleeves that we can't see, it seems to me they are cutting their own throats.  Or perhaps they know the big collapse is coming in a few years and all they are concerned about is making as much as they can now so that when it does hit, they'll still be rich and we'll be left to starve.

In NS Germany, Hitler had an answer to this problem.  First, he rewarded those who kept their businesses in Germany with tax incentives, and taxed the hell out of those who outsourced.  It was called the Flight Tax.  That's Flight as in fleeing, not flying.
Again, that's why they are frightened of a return of National Socialism.  They know we'll put them on a tight lease and sink their gravy boat.  They'll do anything to prevent that.

Dan 88!