March, 2016

I used to do these reports twice every month.  Somehow, I just got away from doing them.  I'm not sure why.  Sometimes they're just filler.  Sometimes they serve a purpose.

Let's get the nagging out of the way first.  It's March 9.  Every member and OS should have their monthly pledge in the mail at the least.  If you haven't, don't be surprised when you don't get your copy of The White Worker next month.  If you are having financial troubles, just let us know by email.  We're understanding - as long as you don't make a habit of it.  But even a single dollar helps, plus shows us your good faith.

Our Spring Blitz Literature drive is beginning.  If you haven't ordered any materials yet, please do so. Putting it off will only cause you to get your stuff late, and overwork our staff if too many orders come in at the last minute.  If you're going to download free stuff, you should do it straightaway and then you won't have to worry about doing it.  In other posts, I'm going to repost two articles I wrote about how best to do your distributing.  I repost them every Spring, primarily for newbies.

Next month is April, of course.  The ANP has designated April as White Pride/History Month. In keeping with that, I will be posting an article appropriate for the occasion every so often.  I hope you will enjoy and learn something from them.

Dan 88!