In Memory Of Our Founder

George Lincoln Rockwell
For those who say we are not the true American Nazi Party, and for those who don't know our history, let me tell you a little story.

Our Chairman, Rocky Suhayda joined the ANP in early 1967.  The following August, Commander Rockwell was assassinated by a disgruntled former member.  The organization was taken over by Rockwell's right hand man, Matt Koehl (I believe it's pronounced Kale).

Koehl ran the organization fairly well all through the 1970's.  However, by the 1980's, he began a quasi-religious organization he called "The New Order".

He put less and less time and effort into the ANP, then known as the National Socialist White People's Party (NSWPP).  Eventually he abandoned it altogether and the NSWPP disbanded.

About ten or twelve years later, Chairman Suhayda and some friends from the NSWPP got together and decided to revive the party, going back to it's previous name, the American Nazi Party.  He even contacted Matt Koehl and got his permission to revive it.

Considering Chairman Suhayda was a member of the ANP under Rockwell, and that he got Koehl's permission to revive the party, as far as I'm concerned we are the original, the one and only American Nazi Party.

Hail Victory!

Dan 88!


  1. Happy Birthday Commander Rockwell! Sieg Heil!

    1. This comment is not directed at you comrade, but to anyone else who may read this.

      I hope everyone did more to honour the Commander than just lighting a candle or something. He would have preferred we honour him by continuing his work.

      Dan 88!


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