Fighting Back In Huntington Park, CA

By Arthur Schaper

The Huntington Park City Council reorganize the city leadership.

Karina Macias will no longer serve as mayor.

Unfortunately, the corrupt politicos in the city and on that council have no interest in seating a principled man as mayor.

Valentin Azmezuita was passed over for any leadership position.

Instead, Graciela Ortiz and Marilyn Sanabria took over as mayor and vice-mayor respectively.

Terrible, just terrible.

Before she officially stepped down as mayor, Macias routinely attacked the members of We the People Rising, principled men and women of diverse background.

She called us racist, hateful, and dangerous.

The term "Racist" was repeated so many times, one has to wonder if they even know what they are talking about.

Valentin issued a lengthy explanation of all that is really going on in the city of Huntington Park.

The real racism lies in the minds and mouths of those who attack us, in the four Corruptitos who appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions in flagrant violation of federal law.

All we are asking for is the rule of law, regardless of race or ethnicity.

The Huntington Park rogues did their best to pack the room with their supporters.

But the truth remains:

They are facing a recall for numerous violations of the law, as well as financial mismanagement.

Contracts are getting handed out to friends and family. They are appointing their friends, relatives, and political cronies to city commissions, all while qualified people had sat on those same commissions.

They want to bring pot dispensaries into the city, even though parents and other authority figures resist such a proposal. In the city council chambers, opponents of marijuana dispensaries were passing out flyers to stop these program.

The four Corruptitos have no business sitting on that city council, and all the faux-fanfare cannot hide how immoral and base they truly are.
An assistant principal also attended, and publicly tried to shame Valentin Amezquita because he did not attend as many public events as other councilmembers.

That attack was completely uncalled for.

Betty Retama was removed from the city chambers because she was not addressing the specific agenda item ...

Yet lo and behold, two other people addressed the city council on unrelated issues, including the crosswalks in the city and the lead in the water. Neither one of those two individuals was asked to stop their presentation, nor were they ruled out of order.

Graciela Ortiz wants to strike a harder line against protesters, much like Cristian Hernandez attempts to do in Cudahy.

After the meeting, some of the Corruptitos' supporters tried to confront me and other protesters. They told me to "Go back to Torrance".

And they accuse us of racism?

One of the men from the audience called me racist, and then said I was ignorant. I spent the next five  minutes trying to find out why he called me ignorant. What knowledge did I lack?

He refused to answer my questions, in greater part because he could not answer them.

When someone shouts "Racism!", they are merely labeling then attempting to silence someone who shares views which they do not agree with it,

Nothing more.

The recall is going forward.

The Corruptitos will be in jail or run out of town on a rail.


This has been going on since last August.  These citizen activists - some who come from more than 50 miles away - are not giving up and they are not going away.

These people are in it for the long haul.  Even though we of the ANP work behind the scenes rather than out in the open, we too must be in it for the long haul.  Anyone who joins us and expects quick results is going to be very disappointed.

Outside of the post Civil War years, this country has seen more change in the last ten years than any other time in our history - and for the most part it hasn't been good.  

We won't be able to undo this damage in a day.  It will take time and a lot of effort.  If you're looking for a quick fix, you're in the wrong place.  A quick fix is usually a bad fix.

It is true that Hitler transformed Germany from an ineffective semi-democracy to a National Socialist model of efficiency, but most of the people were behind him, cooperated, and helped to make his vision for Germany a reality.

We must do the same.  The problem is we've been on a treadmill for the last several decades.  That's because we've been using the same old ineffective methods such as demonstrations, and costumed rallies.

The model we must use is the European model.  Not a bunch of kooks in WW II uniforms trying to recapture the glory of a bygone age that will never return, but by regular folks that you see everyday walking down the street or in the grocery store.

Our image must be that of just plain folks.  If we act like a fringe element, that's the only kind of people we will attract.  And you know how successful that has been.  If you don't, I'd like to recall the KKK rally in Anaheim, Ca. a few weeks ago.  It was a great success - for the media and our liberal opponents.

Dan 88!