Donald Trump is Like Hitler & Mussolini, Says Enrique Peña Nieto

By Erika Miranda (

State Visit Of The President Of United Mexican States - Day 2

Mexico's President, Enrique Peña Nieto expressed his discontent with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, comparing him to some of the world's most notorious dictators in history.
The present Mexican president joins the crowd of unhappy Latinos who deem Trump as the one who damaged U.S.-Mexico relations with his blunt opinion about the immigration issue.
"It seems to me that they damage the relationship which Mexico has sought with the U.S.," the Mexican leader said in an interview as stated by El Universal, referring to Trump's statements.
Mexican Leaders' Opinion on Donald Trump
Before the interview, Peña Nieto remained silent about how the Republican frontrunner had been talking about Mexicans even after two of his predecessors weighed in on the matter as previously reported by the Latin Post.
In February, ex-president Vicente Fox strongly denied Trump the satisfaction of getting the Mexico border wall he proposed to keep immigrants from entering the United States.
"I'm not paying for that f---ing wall," he declared in an interview with Fusion, further expressing his worry about how the presidential hopeful is getting support from states with a high Hispanic voting population.
Earlier in the same month, ex-president Felipe Calderon shared his opinion on Trump's wall, calling it a "stupid" idea.
Now, Peña Nieto, who was trying to avoid meddling in U.S. politics, is pitching in his opinion on the business tycoon, whom he compared to notorious power-hungry personalities.
"There have been episodes in human history, unfortunately, where these expressions of strident rhetoric have led to very ominous situations. That's how Mussolini got in, that's how Hitler got in: they took advantage of a situation, a problem perhaps, which humanity was going through at the time, after an economic crisis," he said.
However, when asked if he is worried that Trump may be elected as President of the United States, Peña Nieto shared his belief that no person who insults Mexico would win the White House.
Donald Trump's Campaign Progress
While many are condemning Trump's way of thinking (and, in the same manner, of speaking), he remains the frontrunner for the GOP nomination, as stated by Vox.
The latest results posted as of the writing of this article, Trump has already won 384 delegates and is leading the Republican nomination race, followed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz with 300.
Marco Rubio remained in third place with 151 delegates while the less popular GOP candidate, Ohio Governor John Kasich got 37.
While the race is far from over, Trump's progress continues as more primaries conclude. This leaves the big question of how the November 2016 Presidential Elections would turn out if the business tycoon represented the Republicans and what happens if he wins.
Of course Mexican leaders think Trump's idea of a wall along our southern border is stupid.  
Wait just a minute!  I seem to recall that Mexico has a wall along it's southern border.  How come that's not a stupid idea?
Those who are in Mexico illegally are deported immediately - even if they are just "passing through" - which most of them are.  How come that's not racists.  I guess that's because they're all Mestizos.  It's racist for Whites to deport Latinos, but it's okay for Latinos to deport Latinos.  I suppose it's like when Blacks call each other "Nigga".  It's okay for Blacks to say it, but it's racist for Whites to say it.  

Can anyone say "HYPOCRISY"?

The truth is Mexico doesn't know what to do with their impoverished citizens so they encourage them to come here illegally knowing that most Americans are chumps enough to take care of them out of "humanitarianism".

The Mexican government is playing us for suckers and behind all their protestations of friendship and goodwill they are laughing at us.

Dan 88!