'Brexit' would damage UK, could sink the EU, billionaire Richard Branson says

Fri, Feb 19 09:59 AM GMT

LONDON (Reuters) - A British exit from the European Union would be very damaging for its economy and could trigger the breakup of the bloc, billionaire Richard Branson said on Friday.

Prime Minister David Cameron is seeking a deal from other EU leaders at a summit in Brussels that would allow him to argue for British membership at a referendum likely to take place in June.

"It would be a very, very, very, very sad day if British people voted to leave. I think it would be very, very damaging for Great Britain," Branson, founder of Virgin Group, told Sky television.

"I think it would be the start of most likely the breakup of the European Union," he said. "I hope sense will prevail."

Branson, 65, is ranked by Forbes as Britain's 12th richest billionaire with a net worth of $5.1 billion. Those campaigning for a vote for Britain to remain in the EU want prominent businessmen to take a bigger role in arguing for membership.

At least 80 major British businesses in the FTSE 100 are likely to come out in support of membership, the Daily Telegraph reported.

A British exit would shake the Union to its core, ripping away its second-largest economy and one of its top two military powers.

Pro-Europeans warn an exit from the EU would hurt Britain's economy and could trigger the break-up of the United Kingdom by prompting another Scottish independence vote.

Opponents of EU membership say Britain would prosper outside what they say is a doomed German-dominated Union that holds back business.

(Reporting by Guy Faulconbridge, editing by David Milliken)


Okay, let me ask a question.  Keeping in mind the EU requires freedom of movement between all EU member nations, aside from immigrants from poorer countries, who benefits most from the EU?  The One Percent, of course.  One of the reasons for the European Union is to make trading easier with each other.  Trading means big business and high finance.  

A British exit and later a break up of the EU would mean a drastic reduction in profits for the wealthy.  As things are, trading laws and regulations are fairly uniform with the organization. If it breaks up, all the former members would return to having their own different regulations which would make international business more difficult and less profitable.

I do believe a British exit or "Brexit" as it is coming to be known as would be hard on the UK, but they would weather it, and in the end they will be better off.  The British people could reclaim their country and stop the foreign invasion.  

The other member nations would be able to do the same.  The German government may be completely behind the EU, but the German people are not.  The German magazine "Der Spiegel" conducted a poll, and more than two thirds of native German Aryans want out of the EU.   Aryans are still way in the majority in Germany - for the moment.

To hell with the governments, but the majority of the Italian, Greek, and Spanish people also want out.  It seems to me the EU is already beginning to crack.

The sooner the EU breaks up, the sooner our people can reclaim our Fatherlands. Proponents of the New World Order will do anything to stop this.  This time, they are going to lose.  They went too far too quickly and the majority of the people have had enough.  The lid is on the pot, and unless proponents of the NWO have a contingency plan against this sort of thing, it will blow - and from the look of things over there it could be very soon.  It could even be this year.

Dan 88!