Iceland Still Ranked World’s most Peaceful Nation: United States Inches up to 94th

By Noel Brinkerhoff
Jan. 2016

If it’s lack of conflict you’re looking for, try Iceland.

The Nordic island nation was designated the most peaceful nation on earth, according to the Institute for Economics & Peace’s latest Global Peace Index (pdf).
Apparently there’s something about the Nordic countries that makes them prone to outbreaks of peace. Denmark was ranked second and Finland No. 6. The other two Nordic nations, Sweden and Norway, placed were No. 13 and 17, respectively.
The United States was way down on the Global Peace Index, placing at No. 94, but a definite improvement from last year’s 101. Part of the improvement came from the partial withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and U.S. efforts to secure a nuclear deal with IranCanada placed seventh on the global list.
The authors of the report noted that “while the average level of global peacefulness was stable, a number of indicators and countries did deteriorate while others improved.”
Europe, North America, sub-Saharan Africa and Central America and the Caribbean “experienced an improvement in peace” while “the other five regions became less peaceful.”
The Middle East and North Africa was deemed “the least peaceful” region in the world due to several countries suffering “from an upsurge in violence related to sectarian strife and civil conflicts.”

In a post a few months ago, the article said Finland has the best school system in the world.  Now Iceland is the most peaceful in the world.  Leave it to the Nordic/Aryans to lead the way.
In fact all the Nordic countries are in the top 20.  Coincidence?  I think not.
Germany is one of the top scientific leaders in the world.
I'm not claiming Nordic/Aryan superiority.  I don't judge a people on their skin color or what language they speak.  I judge by their actions, or in some cases their inaction.
Facts are facts.  The Nordic/Aryan Races lead the world in almost everything.  Just take a good look at the world.  Which countries are the most successful?

Some might say White countries have more resources than the Third World.  Not true. Nigeria is the fourth largest oil producer on the African continent.  The Middle East is loaded with oil.  South Africa and its neighbors have diamond mines.  Even Haiti produces tons of sugar each year - and you have a good idea how much sugar Americans consume.  Just read the list of ingredients on our food packages and you'll get a good idea!
Some countries can use the excuse of a lack of resources, but not all.  It's not so much a lack of resources, but the inability to use them wisely.  To prosper at all, one must make the best use of what one has.  Almost every country (almost, not all) has something of value whether it is skills or commodities - or even tourism.  Many island countries in the S. Pacific like Bora Bora and Rapa Nui subsist totally on tourism.  Those islanders may not be wealthy, but they don't live in abject poverty either.
Those who can make the most of what they have can prosper - or at least stay above the abject poverty line.  All they need is the proper know how.
Rather than helping the Third World to survive by supporting them, we should be teaching them how to make the best use of what they've got.
Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day.  Teach him to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime. 
Right now all the United States is doing is giving out fish.  We should be teaching people how to do it for themselves.
Dan 88!