Fury as Angela Merkel's 'attack dog' threatens UK with trade war

A diplomatic row erupted between Britain and Germany last night after a senior ally of Angela Merkel was accused of threatening a trade war if Britain quits the EU.

Prominent German MP Gunther Krichbaum said the UK ‘cannot survive’ on its own and raised the spectre of crippling trade tariffs on British exports should we vote to leave the union. 

Mr Krichbaum’s warning came in a clash with senior Tory MP Sir Bill Cash, who accused the German politician of ‘threatening’ Britain.

Sir Bill said Britain had fought Germany in two world wars to keep its freedoms and was not going to surrender them to a German-run Brussels now.

Mr Krichbaum last night rejected Sir Bill’s claims. However he has previously attacked David Cameron and the ‘in-out’ referendum. 

In January 2013, he accused Mr Cameron of trying to ‘blackmail’ the EU; in May 2014 he mocked the ‘flip-flopping’ PM and derided his attempt to exempt Britain from the EU’s pledge for ‘ever closer union’ as a ‘desperate attempt to appease Ukip’; and in November 2014, he said Mr Cameron would get a ‘bloody nose’ if he curbed immigration without permission from Brussels.

But the timing of his latest comments, so close to the referendum, is bound to be seen as provocative.

Mr Krichbaum and Sir Bill had a sharp but courteous disagreement during a meeting in The Hague on Monday, but the gloves came off when they argued face-to-face afterwards. Mr Krichbaum, seen by some as Mrs Merkel’s anti-Cameron ‘attack dog’, claimed Britain’s economy would be devastated as a result of lost EU trade deals, saying: ‘You won’t be able to survive, trading conditions will not be in your favour.’

Sir Bill retorted: ‘Yes we can. We’ve been doing it for generations. We have a multi-billion-pound trading deficit with the EU: you run a multi-billion surplus. You need to sell us your cars and trucks. What do you take us for? Do you think we are incapable of running our own affairs?’

It was at this point that lawyer Mr Krichbaum, 51, a member of Mrs Merkel’s ruling Christian Democrat party retorted: ‘There is the question of tariffs.’

Indignant, Sir Bill replied: ‘You’re not threatening me, are you?’

The Conservative MP told his German adversary: ‘There is history between our two countries. We have had to battle for our freedom over the last century. We should not and will not be governed by EU majority voting dominated by Germany.’

The row had started earlier at a formal meeting when Sir Bill declared: ‘Our people no longer trust the democratic structures of the EU. We are not going to be in the second tier of a two tier Europe effectively run by Germany.’

But he was slapped down by Mr Krichbaum, heard of the Bundestag’s EU affairs committee, who defended ‘EU solidarity’ and maintained all 28 nations worked together.

A defiant Sir Bill told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Mr Krichbaum’s reference to trade tariffs was a clear threat. It is basically Germany telling the British to get lost; it’s in their DNA to want to be on top.’

Sir Bill described their exchange as a ‘serious disagreement’ but denied it was a shouting match.
Mr Krichbaum last night denied he had ‘threatened’ Britain and accused Sir Bill of ‘lying.’

He said: ‘I did not make any threats – that is a lie. Bill Cash has his own agenda because he wants to leave the EU. I said that if Britain leaves the EU it will no longer have access to the single market and that will add costs to British industry and make exports less competitive. That is why much of British industry wants to stay in the EU.’

Mr Krichbaum said it was ‘not fair’ for Britain to blame Brussels for its problems and said he hoped Britain would stay in the EU – and he was convinced Mr Cameron felt the same, insisting the PM called the referendum ‘to calm down people in his party like Mr Cash’. 

Mr Krichbaum’s warning came days after fellow German Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, said many Euro-MPs now wanted Britain out of the EU as Britain was ‘testing their patience’ with its ‘continuous demands’.

Mr Cameron met Mrs Merkel in Hamburg on Friday in his latest bid to secure more concessions on a new EU deal for Britain.

The final agreement will be hammered out at a summit on Thursday and Friday, and put to the UK Cabinet by next weekend. At least five Cabinet Ministers are expected to campaign against the Prime Minister and join the ‘Out’ campaign for the referendum, expected on June 23. 

Sir Bill stated,  ‘Appeasement means to placate. By accepting the EU as it is now, we are placating them. And we know who runs the show.’ [He means Germany] ‘As Churchill said, we should be associated with Europe but not be absorbed by it.People like my dad died to defend our freedom  and I'll am damned if I am going to see it dumped in favour of the EU.’


What the American news media doesn't often mention is the the United Kingdom has be seriously considering leaving the European Union.  The majority of the British favor leaving.

Part of this is due to the current refugee crisis.  While most other European countries are being flooded with migrants, it hasn't gotten that bad in the UK because the English Channel separates them from the Continent.  The EU wants them to take in more migrants.  The UK is refusing.  They say they have taken in enough.

Germany says that the UK cannot survive without Germany as a trading partner.  I disagree, as does Sir Bill, and many other British MPs (Member of Parliament).  The UK has weathered some tough times before and although Germany could make things rocky for them, they'll survive.

When, not if, the EU dissolves, it will be another step to reclaiming our fatherlands and stopping the invaders.  That's why the American media reports very little on these matters. The government doesn't want Europe giving the American people any "ideas" about fighting the New World Order.  Thanks to the internet, the word is spreading.

Dan 88!